FIRST LOOK: Softness reigns supreme with Golf Pride’s new CPX grip

golf pride cpx grip

Golf Pride's CPX grip underwent years of feedback and development before it was released.

Golf Pride

Just when you think we’ve hit peak golf grip tech, Golf Pride proves once again that there’s still plenty of gas in the tank when it comes to new grip innovation.

The brand is firing on all cylinders in 2022 with its softest iteration yet — the CPX (Comfort Performance Extreme), combining extreme softness with newfound technology in an all-new EXO diamond-quilted pattern.

According to Golf Pride, the CPX is a game-changer for the player who wants a relaxed feel in a high-performance grip. Interestingly, the company looked to extreme sports for inspiration — specifically BMX racing.

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By: Ryan Noll

“We started looking at BMX athletes and quickly realized the harsh realities their hands went through race after race,” said Bruce Miller, head of player research and testing at Golf Pride. “BMX racers want a grip that is soft on the hands, but also one that allows them to perform their best. Similarly, we’ve found that a large group of golfers want the same thing—a soft feel without compromise. The CPX is designed to be the intersection between comfort and performance, ultimately reducing the tension in both the hands and arms while retaining a tactile grip and feel.”

The CPX is also the first grip to come out of Golf Pride’s new Global Innovation Center (GIC) in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

“The GIC is the centerpiece of our brand and our R&D, and we’re very proud to have designed arguably the company’s most innovative grip in our new facility,” said Miller. “Add the fact that we’re able to test our grips with the thousands of golfers who travel to Pinehurst for golf—we’re in a prime position to continue designing high-performance grips that are played around the world.”

golf pride cpx grip
The EXO diamond-quilted pattern on the side of the grip was inspired by the grips found in BMX racing. Golf Pride

The grip is constructed from a soft and responsive rubber compound that molds to the golfer’s hands for exceptional comfort and added stress relief. The material features a 45-degree diamond pattern that’s raised to maximize the contact area with the golfer’s hands. Additionally, the Control Core in the grip’s end-cap complements the soft rubber compound for the best of both worlds: maximum softness and control.

“The connection between the hands and mind is critical in the game of golf,” said Jamie Ledford, president of Golf Pride. “We’re excited about CPX because the new design and ultra-soft rubber compound we’ve developed take this connection to the next level. Anyone who tries the CPX will immediately feel the difference.”  

While many of the best players in the world opt for firmer grips for a more responsive feel at impact, Golf Pride says that added feedback isn’t necessarily what most golfers truly need or want.

“Top competitors often choose a firm feel because of the responsiveness it gives them in understanding the quality of the strike,” said Miller. “However, many of the rest of us prefer a higher degree of comfort and are not fixated on feeling the minute differences in contact points on the clubface. We believe the CPX is the ultimate comfort performance design for players who put a higher premium on the enjoyment of the game.”  

The all-new CPX will hit retailers on April 1 with a price tag at $9.49-$10.49 per grip.

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