Building for Bryson: Looking at Bryson DeChambeau’s craziest creations

Before Bryson DeChambeau ever started testing drivers with 4.8 degrees of loft, he made a trip to Carlsbad, Calif. to check out some of the wildest creations housed inside Cobra Golf’s club vault.

What started as a quick trip to get a feel for Cobra’s design capabilities turned into a full-on testing session that culminated with DeChambeau hitting literally every off-the-wall club he could get his hands on.

“The first time he came to see us, after the second day he said, ‘Do you guys mind if I stay here?'” Cobra’s VP of R&D, Tom Olsavsky, recalled. “We got him an employee badge so he could go wherever he wanted. … He basically hit every prototype that Cobra Golf had in the building. Instead of just staying for two days, he stayed for eight.”

DeChambeau still makes regular trips back to work with Olsavsky and Cobra Tour rep Ben Schomin on clubs built to satisfy the reigning U.S. Open champion’s curiosity and drive to gain an edge on the course. Some of the Frankenstein-esque creations have never seen the light of day — until now.

In the second of a three-part video series, was granted unprecedented access to Cobra Golf’s R&D team and build shop to learn what goes into creating clubs for one of the most unique golfers on the planet. The latest video focuses on the one-off creations DeChambeau, Olsavsky and Schomin have created over the years.


Jonathan Wall Editor

Jonathan Wall is GOLF Magazine and’s Managing Editor for Equipment. Prior to joining the staff at the end of 2018, he spent 6 years covering equipment for the PGA Tour. He can be reached at