Masters holes: Augusta National’s par-4 18th hole, explained by Tiger Woods

In the 65 years since the Masters Tournament was first televised, golf fans have seen every inch of Augusta National’s beauty in high-def close-up. What you’ve never seen is the course — hole by hole, tee box by tee box — through the eyes of 18 living Masters champions, from Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Dustin Johnson, Ben Crenshaw and beyond. Until now. Eighteen holes, 18 winners, 18 ways of seeing Augusta National anew.

Hole No. 18: Par-4 / 465 yards (Holly)

By Tiger Woods (1997, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2019 Masters champion)

In interviews, courtesy of, the five-time green-jacket winner has talked often about how to play the 18th.

What you see off the tee: “Hitting out of the narrow chute, my tee strategy is dictated by the wind. If it’s out of the north, a headwind, I’ll hit driver. If it’s calm, I’ll hit 3-wood. Basically, I’m using a club that puts me just short of the closest bunker on the left.”

Where you’ll make your biggest mistake: “The most difficult hole location is back-left. It’s a bear — only about a yard and a half beyond the crest. There’s a lot of room behind, but long is not where you want to go.”

Why it’s unforgettable to me: “I’ve had a lot of incredible experiences at this hole. … In years when the Tournament hung in the balance, I kept my head down, still grinding. … Those times it was hard to appreciate it, because you’re so locked into what you still need to do. In 1997 and 2001, though, I walked up the fairway with both titles virtually in hand. I knew I was going to be Masters champion, and I was able to soak it all in. There’s not another feeling like it. … In 2019, to have both Sam and Charlie here, and for them to see what it’s like to have their dad win a major, I hope that’s something they’ll never forget.”

Did you know… In 1958, Doug Ford dunked his 72nd-hole bunker shot to win the Masters by three.


Augusta National Golf Club via Getty Images


Augusta National Golf Club via Getty Images


Augusta National Golf Club via Getty Images

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