Masters holes: Augusta National’s par-5 15th hole, explained by Dustin Johnson

In the 65 years since the Masters Tournament was first televised, golf fans have seen every inch of Augusta National’s beauty in high-def close-up. What you’ve never seen is the course — hole by hole, tee box by tee box — through the eyes of 18 living Masters champions, from Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Dustin Johnson, Ben Crenshaw and beyond. Until now. Eighteen holes, 18 winners, 18 ways of seeing Augusta National anew.

Hole No. 15: Par-5 / 530 yards (Firethorn)

By Dustin Johnson (2020 Masters champion)

What you see off the tee: “There’s a group of pines that face you down the left side. The fairway is really wide but the gap between the trees isn’t. I’m always trying to fade it off that far right pine on the left side.”

What you don’t know until you’ve played it: “The elevation is the hardest thing to understand. The tee shot is pretty flat, but the second shot is downhill a good ways. The green is not that deep, even on the right side, because the first eight paces — if your ball lands there, it comes back into the water.”

Where you will make the biggest mistake: “If you miss it right, you’ve really got no chance [at going for the green]. Depending on the direction of the wind, from the far-left side I still have a chance, but if I miss it right, zero chance.”

Why it’s unforgettable to me: “Last year, coming down the stretch on Sunday, I pulled my drive, so I had to lay up. Wind off the right to a back-middle pin. That was a new pin on Sunday. I hit a really nice, three-quarter controlled 54-degree wedge in there to seven feet and made the putt. I didn’t know exactly where I stood, but that obviously gave me a bigger lead.”

Did you know… In ’57, Ben Hogan suggested the greenside bunker be added to 15.


Augusta National Golf Club via Getty Images


Augusta National Golf Club via Getty Images


Augusta National Golf Club via Getty Images

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