The best overseas travel tip, according to a major champion

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Bernhard Langer has traversed the globe for much of his career.

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Welcome to Road Rules, a series in which we pick the brains of expert golf travelers, ranging from professional golfers and caddies to globetrotting course raters and teachers. We’ll unlock their must-have travel items, go-to airline tips and more to inform you for your next golf excursion.

Professional golfers are some of the most well-traveled people on the planet. With tournaments all over the globe, golfer’s live a jet-setting lifestyle. And, unlike other athletes, they are typically flying commercial.

For international stars, that travel is amped up even more. Most international players keep a home in the United States but will frequently head back to their home countries throughout the season, meaning the miles rack up even quicker.

One such player who’s crisscrossed the globe for much of his career is Bernhard Langer. The 65-year-old has been a pro for over 50 years, and he’s played all over.

Recently, had a chance to catch up with the major winner to pick his brain on the best travel tip for going abroad — and his answer will help anyone dealing with jet lag.

“If you deal with time change, try to use as much of the daylight as possible,” Langer says. “So if I go to Europe, which is six hours ahead, I try to get up early.”

By waking up with the sun, your body is forced to acclimate to the new timezone. And even though you’ll likely feel groggy throughout the day, you will be able to kick jet lag quicker than if you slept in.

“Try and get up early even if you don’t want to,” Langer says. “Get as much daylight as possible and then go to bed and adjust to the local time as quickly as you can.”

If it works for a travel veteran like Langer, it should work for you, too.

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