5 air-travel tips for booking your next flight, according to experts

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Booking a plane ticket is like hitting a golf ball: there are countless ways to do it, but a lot of it comes down to timing and technique.

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Booking a plane ticket is like hitting a golf ball: there are countless ways to do it, but a lot comes down to timing and technique. While bargain-basement prices are scarce these days, savings can still be found. If you’re looking at a spring golf getaway, here are five tips for going low.

Be Flexible

If your tee times are locked in, you might not have any wiggle room for when you fly. But the more leeway you give yourself, the better chance you have of finding a deal. A recent survey by personal finance company NerdWallet found that Tuesdays are the cheapest days to fly domestically, with economy tickets averaging 24-percent less than peak averages on Sundays. For international flights, NerdWallet found that Wednesdays yield the lowest average fares, though price differences are small throughout the week. Similarly, being flexible with arrival and departure airports can help.

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Set a Price Alert

Predicting airline pricing is not an exact science. But algorithms do it better than most human brains. Do yourself a favor and set a price alert through an online service such as Google Flights, which tips you off when fares on your desired route have dropped. If you’ve already bought a flight, you might be able to rebook at the lower fare, as many airlines have relaxed their change and cancelation fees.

Come and Go from the Same Airports

When you’re booking a roundtrip ticket, aim to use the same airports on both legs, says Gordon Dalgleish, president of leading golf travel company PerryGolf. If you vary your arrival and departure airports, you are essentially buying two one-way tickets, and for that, Dalgleish says, “you will pay handsomely.”

Be Smart with Points

Cashing in airline or credit card points is an obvious way to save. But how you use those points can also make a difference. When you’re using points, booking two one-way tickets can allow for greater flexibility if your plans change mid-trip. A lot of rewards tickets are not changeable after your travel has begun.

Planning Ahead

Booking far in advance doesn’t always guarantee a lower fare, but it beats scrambling at the last minute. Airlines generally release tickets 330 days in advance of travel, Dalgleish says, meaning you can book 330 days before your return leg. Something to keep in mind for spring of 2024!

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