New photos show RARE peek inside Augusta National’s Champions Locker Room

Tiger Woods in Augusta Champions Locker Room

Augusta National is a famously exclusive club. Its small private membership isn’t publicly known, let alone publicly accessible. Though the club opens its gates to thousands of fans each year at the Masters to experience the grounds for themselves, there are several areas where non-members are prohibited.

But there’s one room where not even the green coats are usually allowed, unless of course you earned your jacket the hard way, by winning the Masters: the Champions Locker Room.

The Champions Locker Room is reserved for Masters winners of years past. Once you win the tournament, you receive a locker, along with a plaque declaring the years in which you won. And the locker room isn’t just for show. Past champions use the locker room every year at the Masters.

This Sunday, a day that was supposed to witness the final round of the 2020 Masters, Augusta National shared a collection of rare photos showing the Champions Locker Room soon after Tiger Woods’ victory in 2019. The club offering a view of the locker room is a rarity, so the release was noteworthy.

You can check out those photos for yourself below.

Tiger Woods in the Champions Locker Room after winning the 2019 Masters.
Courtesy Augusta National

Tiger Woods' plaque on his locker in the Augusta National Champions Locker Room.
Courtesy Augusta National

A note Phil Mickelson left Tiger Woods in his locker at the 2019 Masters.
Courtesy Augusta National

Tiger Woods gets fitted for his Masters green jacket in 2019.
Courtesy Augusta National

If you enjoyed those, then you should definitely check out these historic photos taken in Augusta National locker rooms during past Masters, featuring legends like Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Tom Watson and more.

The Champions Locker Room at Augusta National photographed in 2006.
Fred Vuich /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images

The Champions Locker Room was renovated prior to the 2016 Masters.

Tom Watson sits in an Augusta National locker room at the 1978 Masters.
Getty Images

Ben Hogan and Sam Snead chat in a locker room at Augusta National in the 1950s.
Getty Images

Legends Gene Sarazen and Bobby Jones in the locker room at a Masters in the 1940s.
Getty Images

Gary Player and Sam Leonard in the locker room at the 1960 Masters.
Getty Images

Sam Snead and Jack Burke Jr. at the 1960 Masters.
Getty Images

Ben Hogan at the Masters in the 1950s.
Getty Images

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