Tour pro hilariously calls out Phil Mickelson for locker room nap

May 1, 2019

You never know what you’re going to get with Phil Mickelson. From his social media musings on how to achieve enviable calf muscles to Magnolia Lane confessionals about bombing it and wagers with Matt Kuchar, Lefty always keeps his fans — and peers — on their toes.

Perhaps that’s why Keith Mitchell — the 27-year-old reigning Honda Classic Champion — didn’t know what to do when he arrived at his locker at the Quail Hollow Club and found he could not access its contents because Phil was asleep in front of the door, thereby blocking it from being opened.

Mitchell posted a photo of the scene to his Instagram account, along with what we felt were his best options on how to handle the situation.

“Option 1,” Mitchell wrote in the post. “Wake up @philmickelson to get my golf shoes out of my locker. Option 2: Play Pro-Am in my @nikeAir Max’s. Option 3: Walk around corner, find @lucas_glover__, tell stories really loud and hope he wakes up. #44-1 #wonderifheknowsmynameisKeithandnotKevin.”

You have to hand it to Keith for maintaining a sense of humor, especially with his last hashtag, which is a reference to NBC broadcaster Dan Hicks referring to Keith as Kevin Mitchell on the 18th hole of the Honda Classic. “You can call me Kevin all you want,” Mitchell later tweeted. “Just make the check out to Keith.”

While the jury is still out on whether or not Mitchell managed to rouse Mickelson (we assume the answer is yes), the picture has already achieved legend status when it comes to Phil Mickelson Lore.

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