‘I’m Tiger’: Tiger Woods shares sweet interaction with Annika Sorenstam’s son

Tiger Woods greets Annika Sorenstam's son Will at The Match VII.

Twitter: @MikeMcGeeAnnika

There is a select number of people in the world who truly need no introduction — their fame precedes them and they are instantly recognizable wherever they go.

Tiger Woods is one of those people. A legend of the game since his junior days, Woods, 46, couldn’t go many places without being recognized, which is why a particular Woods encounter at Saturday night’s The Match VII took off on social media.

A video posted by Annika Sorenstam’s husband, Mike McGee, shows Sorenstam approaching Woods to say hello. Woods drew her in for a warm embrace, saying, “Good to see you!” Two GOATS, exchanging pleasantries.

Trailing Sorenstam is her 11-year-old son, Will. It’s apparently the first time Will has ever interacted with Woods, because with a big smile, Woods extends a hand to Will and says, “I’m Tiger.”

It’s difficult to discern exactly what else is said during the interaction, but it sounds like Woods also says, “Good to see ya. How you playing?”

“This made my day,” McGee wrote of the interaction on Twitter.

Woods may have the chance to get an up-close look at Will’s game next week. For the first time, Sorenstam is playing in the PNC Championship with Will as her partner. Last year, she competed alongside her father. Woods will again tee it up with his 13-year-old son, Charlie.

The PNC Championship begins on Dec. 17.

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