WATCH: Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas play home run derby inside Woods’ home

April 16, 2020
Tiger Woods Justin Thomas

Outside of Tiger Woods’ home in Jupiter, Fla., sits the “Jupiter Island Practice Facility,” a 3.5-acre plot of land that allows him to work on his game just feet from his door. At night, according to a recent interview with GolfTV, Woods and son Charlie hold putting contests, the winner getting to put Woods’ Masters green jacket in his closet.

Inside Woods’ house sits Dodger Stadium.

The living room plot of land allows Tiger and Charlie to work on their baseball games just feet from their dining room chairs. Sometimes, they use a golf club; other times, a bat. And nothing is soft.

“We were at their house, and we were just having dinner and watching TV and playing some pingpong, and Charlie decided he wanted to play home run derby in the living room, which I guess is a common thing in the Woods house,” fellow golf professional Justin Thomas said as part of “Tiger Tales,” a show on CBS from 2-3 p.m. on Sunday that will tell various stories of Woods’ career.

“Tiger’s pitching to Charlie, and he has like a little golf club, and then he’s like, ‘Well, I want to get a bigger bat.’ So he got a legit bat. So I’m wondering how hard they’re gonna hit because we’re in the living room.”

He got his answer quickly.

Charlie swings hard. Woods comes to the plate. He swings hard, bouncing a few balls off the walls.

Thomas is handed the bat.

“Then of course I go, and I hit one a little bit off the end of the bat, and I hit a candle and break a candle in the living room,” Thomas said. “So yep, that was my first experience of home run derby in Tiger Woods’ living room.”

Tiger and Charlie told Thomas the candle wasn’t the first casualty.

“They were like, ‘That’s fine, happens all the time,’ ” Thomas said. “I’m like I still don’t feel good about it, but I’m glad it happens often. As long as it didn’t hit any of his major trophies, it’s fine.”

The dining room, too, has also seen its share of activity.

Just over a week ago, on the day when the traditional Champions Dinner at Augusta National Golf Club would have been served, Woods shared a photo of his own version. Tiger, in his green jacket, Charlie, daughter Sam, girlfriend Erica Herman and his two dogs sat at a table overlooking the backyard practice facility. And they would eat what would have been on the menu – chicken and steak fajitas, sushi, sashimi, cupcakes and milkshakes.

After dinner, the jacket came off.

“After dinner, the jacket was taken off and then it was cupcakes in people’s hair and stuff flying all over the place,” he said Sunday during CBS’ replay of his 2019 Masters victory. “You just can’t get the jacket dirty. We had a bunch of fun with it.”

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