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How Tiger Woods is still playing golf during the coronavirus shutdown

April 12, 2020

Tiger Woods — and the rest of the Masters field — is notably absent from Augusta National this Sunday. But even though he’s unable to defend his title until at least November, Woods has been able to continue playing golf throughout the coronavirus shutdown.

As part of CBS’ Masters re-air, Woods joined Jim Nantz via video from his home in Jupiter, Fla. Woods began by emphasizing his concern for everyone battling the coronavirus. “It’s been difficult — just like everyone else, I know a number of people who have gotten the virus,” he said. “The whole country’s shutting down.” He expressed sympathy for missed opportunities everywhere, from Tour pros trying to keep their cards to local charities of canceled events that have missed out on millions in donations.

Woods also revealed that he’s been able to play golf during the coronavirus shutdown, however. His home club, Medalist, has remained open throughout — but with certain precautions. Woods stressed to Nantz that the driving range is spaced out to ensure social distancing. When he hits the course, it’s one player to a cart and nobody touches pins or bunker rakes.

While there has been plenty of play at Medalist, Woods said other members are utilizing the course for jogging or walking their dogs.

Woods also described his golf routine to GolfTV’s Henni Zuel (in an interview you can watch here) several days ago, mentioning just how strange it is to work on his game when he’s doesn’t know when his next start will come.

“Every course, virtually, to the south of us is closed, but we remain open so it’s been nice to get there and hit golf balls and play a little bit, at least get some fresh air,” he told Zuel.

“Obviously we have our social distancing — we can’t touch rakes or touch the flags, one person per cart — but at least the members and their kids are able to get out there and play and do something active,” he said.

At night come putting matches against son Charlie in the backyard, which is also referred to as the “Jupiter Island Practice Facility,” if you check his  architectural website. They play for some high stakes: Woods’ green jacket. Whoever wins on a given night gets to keep the jacket in their closet.

“Occasionally it’s gone into his closet,” Woods admitted, and insisted Charlie’s wins are fair and square. “There’s no wins that are given in this family – you earn all your wins. It’s been fun to see him tease me about beating me and being able to wear the jacket and have it in his closet — where he says it belongs.”

Woods recorded several segments with Nantz earlier in the week to be shown during CBS’ re-air of his 2019 Masters victory on Sunday afternoon.

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