Tiger Woods clarifies oft-misunderstood golf rule in hilarious new video

Tiger Woods stars in a new Bridgestone ad.

Bridgestone Golf

It has happened to all of us: You’re on the tee, your playing partners are quiet and still. As you address the ball with your driver, you accidentally tap it off the tee. Inevitably, an observer will call out that tired joke: “That’s one!”

Bumping the ball off the tee before you even take a swing is embarrassing, sure, but it’s ultimately harmless. Thanks to Rule 6.1a, which stipulates that a stroke must be made to put a ball in play, you’re allowed to re-tee and move on as though it never happened.

A new video from content creators St. Andre and their partner, Bridgestone Golf, hilariously capitalizes on the relatable situation, using none other than Tiger Woods as the straight man.

The spot is the first in a new series entitled “Playing A Round With Bridgestone Golf.” In the series, Bridgestone players like Woods, Jason Day, Fred Couples, Lexi Thompson and Matt Kuchar will be featured alongside content creators St. Andre Golf, a sketch comedy group whose partnership with Bridgestone was announced on earlier this month. St. Andre Golf has gained a following with viral videos on social-media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.

In the Bridgestone ad, Woods, dressed in his Sunday red, accidentally bumps his ball off the tee with a waggle at address. The camera pans to each of his playing partner’s shocked face as they internally agonize over whether to crack the “That’s one!” joke.

Tiger Woods at the Genesis Invitational.
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By: Josh Sens

As the seconds tick by and pressure mounts, Woods finally breaks the tension.

“That’s one, right?”

The groups exhales in a bark of relieved laughter, as they take turns confessing that they were about to make the same joke.

“Actually,” Woods interjects with a stern face, “according to Rule 6.1a, says that’s not.”

Embarrassed, the group rushes to agree with him. The camera then pans to Woods’ ball on the tee, which he yet again bumps off the tee, and you hear, “Oh, that’s two!”

Funny stuff.

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