Why this hockey player hates losing to John Elway on the golf course

Everyone loves winning on the golf course, but there are some victories that are sweeter than others.

If you’re a New York Yankee, there’s no better feeling than sending home the Red Sox with a loss. Nothing puts a bigger smile on an Ohio State Buckeye’s face than a win over Michigan, while the Lakers love nothing more than a victory against the Celtics.

Golf is no different — professional or otherwise. Winning a money game is good, but some dollar bills feel a little better going into the wallet than others.

For former hockey star Ray Whitney, there’s no one he loves beating on the golf course more than John Elway.

“I love NFL money, and he loves NHL money,” Whitney said on this week’s episode of GOLF’s Subpar. “I could lose to everybody, but if I beat him, I walk off with a smile.”

Whitney said the stakes are low in terms of money when he has a game with Elway, but the bragging rights are priceless.

“He is as competitive as they come,” Whitney said. “It’s great for me to see other athletes away from their sport. We’re all the same. We got to where we are because of who we are, and it’s no different with the athletes from any other sport.”

Check out the entire episode below as Whitney discusses what it’s like to caddie in the Olympics, money games with Matt Kuchar and more.

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