Pro recalls the moment he remembered this awesome PGA Tour winners’ perk

Wyndham Clark is currently in the midst of the best year of his life — at least in terms of his performance on the golf course.

The 29-year-old just claimed his first-ever Tour victory at the Wells Fargo Championship, bringing his winnings total to more than $6 million this season alone.

Winning a PGA Tour event is life-changing in many ways, and on this week’s episode of Subpar, Clark shared his enthusiasm for one particular perk that is guaranteed to full-field PGA Tour winners: a berth at the following year’s Masters.

wyndham clark hits a shot at the wells fargo championship
This pro wanted ONE thing at the PGA Championship. He didn’t get it
By: Josh Berhow

“Never been to Augusta National. Never,” Clark said to hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz. “I’ve turned down I think three invitations now to go play, and I know a couple of players have done this, but my whole thing was, I’m not gonna play it until I’m invited to play in the tournament.

“Obviously, I’m gonna go play practice rounds now that I’m in the tournament, but never played it.”

Clark then told a cool story about the moment he remembered that playing Augusta would be his reality.

In the wake of his Wells Fargo victory in the Quail Hollow locker room, Clark said he was hanging out with Quail Hollow Golf Club’s president, Johnny Harris, who is also a member at Augusta National.

“We’re all kinda having toasts and drinking and signing a couple things,” Clarke said. “And I think it was Johnny Harris, goes, ‘Hey Wyndham, do you want to join John and I for a practice round at Augusta maybe, I don’t know, December, January?’ I was like, oh yeah, that’d be cool. And then I go, oh s—! We’re in the Masters! And I honestly — that was the first time it hit me. This, like, two hours after winning. And then John and I go nuts, and we’re like, celebrating.

“And everyone’s like, that really just hit you? And I was like, well, yeah. Sorry, I’ve been so in the zone of winning. Like, I didn’t even think about all the cool stuff that comes with it.”

For more from Clark, including his thoughts on the PGA Championship, listen to the full episode below. Editor

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