A PGA Tour pro asks: What if Tiger Woods tested positive for coronavirus?

Pat Perez hits a tee shot earlier this year.

Pat Perez says the PGA Tour is returning to play too soon.

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Should a golfer test positive for the coronavirus during a tournament, the PGA Tour says under its new Health and Safety Plan, he is automatically disqualified. 

Even 15-time major winners and the world’s No. 1-ranked player. 

One Tour veteran wonders what the reaction would be. 

“Are you telling me that if Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy or another big name that drives our tour is leading entering Sunday, you’re going to DQ him if he tests positive?” the Tour veteran told the New York Post recently. “I dare you. There’ll be a (bleeping) riot.’’

Under the plan, in advance of the Tour’s return to play on June 11 in Fort Worth, Texas, golfers will be screened before tournaments; upon arrival with a questionnaire, thermal reading and nasal swab or saliva test; and daily with a questionnaire and thermal reading. Should a player test positive, that player is immediately escorted off site, withdrawn from the event, given a last-place payout and will have to quarantine a minimum of 10 days. 

Perez wondered about a few other scenarios under the plan. 

“Let’s say I leave Scottsdale (his home) and I don’t have that virus and I get to Dallas and I’ve got it?’’ he told the Post. “The Tour’s going to have a real problem with me if that happens. Let’s say a guy gets tested on Tuesday and he tests positive when he comes back on Thursday. Is he (disqualified)?”

Perez told the Post he plans to play the first event, the Charles Schwab Challenge. But he says the Tour’s return is too soon. 

“I just can’t believe that they’re going to get 700 or 800 people back in an area together when really we don’t know when the end of this thing is,’’ Perez said. “Just wait until we can do it safely. If we’ve got to wait until September, then wait.’’

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