Phil Mickelson shows off new ripped figure after radical weight loss

Phil Mickelson fell short of making the field at the 2019 Tour Championship. It’s no doubt a disappointment for the ever-competitive Tour veteran. Fortunately for him, the consolation prize was a day at the beach with his family. But it’s a photo of Phil (and Phil’s new body) on the beach that is turning heads.

Mickelson, who has long suffered through jokes about his figure, went through a radical weight loss earlier this summer in an attempt to get his game in order. The “hard reset,” as Mickelson called it, involved a “six-day fast with water and a special coffee blend for wellness” and going on a retreat. The result? A shocking 15 pounds lost in 10 days prior to the Open Championship.

Now, for the first time, we’re getting a glimpse at just how big of a transformation Phil underwent. His sister, Tina Mickelson, tweeted a photo of a shirtless Phil walking in the ocean during their recent beach day, along with the caption, “Family beach day. Looks like calves are working their way up.”

Take a look for yourself.

Fifteen pounds is a lot of weight to lose, but the photo of Phil suggests he’s continued his healthy ways after the initial fast before the Open. It’s hard to say from one photo, and we don’t exactly get to see a shirtless Mickelson every day, but it at least appears that Phil is in the best shape of his life… at the young age of 49.

Despite a tough season on Tour that saw him collect only two top-10 finishes, it’s clear that Mickelson is still willing to do whatever it takes to improve his game and continue to compete at the highest level.

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