Meet the ‘Big Beertha,’ golf’s original beer bong

March 11, 2017

You can now stealthily include a beer stein in your golf bag and likely have it go unnoticed…that is, until you get thirsty.

The ‘Big Beertha,’ billed as the original golf beer bong, looks just like a regulation driver but packs a little extra punch – the clubhead holds 12 ounces of liquid whose consumption can be viewed by onlookers through its clear acrylic shaft. No need for a cooler bag when you can store it in your golf bag!

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And while we’re not advocating for getting too rowdy on the golf course, we’re willing to bet this addition could make you some friends during your round (just make sure to share). Paired with Chippo, it’s golf party waiting to happen.

The Big Beertha has already raised triple its Kickstarter goal, so if you’re game for this item, you might want to consider swapping out that 14th club for this one.