Rogers Report: The LPGA’s star-studded bachelorette, the PGA Tour’s baby boom and … Coach K?

Jessica Korda had some familiar faces at her bachelorette party

IG/Nelly Korda

Hello folks, and welcome back to the Rogers Report — your one-stop shop for recapping the wacky, wonderful and WAGgish from the week in golf social media. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and long weekend … and that your Black Friday deals delivered a BIT more than The Match. But before we get into all that, let’s head down to Miami…

1. Jessica Korda’s bachelorette

Jessica Korda and a handful of pros took their talents to South Beach for what was the bachelorette party of the 2021 golf season. Jess is engaged to professional golfer-turned-real-estate-broker Johnny DelPrete, and along for the festivities were her sister, Nelly, Sophia Popov, Jodi Ewart, Megan Khang and Alison Lee. Talk about a star-studded lineup.

With the LPGA offseason upon us, I can’t think of a better way to enjoy some time away from the game than to travel to the town Pitbull built and enjoy a not-insignificant number of bottle sparklers.

Jessica and Nelly Korda in Miami IG/Alison Lee

2. The PGA Tour’s baby boom

Jordan Spieth. Jon Rahm. Tony Finau. Harold Varner III. Jason Day. There’s no questioning it anymore: the PGA Tour Baby Boom is officially upon us. On Thursday, Rickie Fowler became the latest to announce the birth of his baby daughter, Maya.

Maya Fowler was born on November 18th and has already appeared on Rickie’s social media twice — first in a family photo and second in a paid partnership with Hyperice (y’know what they say: it’s never too early to learn about PIP). In all seriousness, I’m already giddy thinking about all the par-3 contest photos we’ll get from these families on Masters Wednesday in the coming years. A note to Augusta National: it might be a good idea to get out ahead of this one and order a few more of those kid-caddie jumpsuits — it looks like we’re going to need ’em.

3. The Match

The latest edition of The Match was a bit of a bummer in its on-course product, but the social media content did NOT disappoint. Yes, Brooks handed Bryson a 5 and 3 shellacking in Vegas, but the Internet ledger wasn’t nearly as lopsided.

As a social manager, it’s my job to overanalyze what’s going on in each and every post. Here is that (lightly edited) analysis:

First up, we have A) the Bryson Ab Pic.

There’s a lot going on here. The facial expression. The abs. The towel. The decorative furniture. I can’t help but wonder if this was a self-timer photo or if Bryson had a pal take it. The couch at the bottom makes me wonder if he propped up his phone to snap this picture, or if whoever took it just happened to be sitting on the couch. I guess we’ll never really know.

Part B) occurred after The Match, when Brooks headed to T-Mobile Arena in Vegas to watch the Gonzaga-Duke game. Yes, he sat with Floyd Mayweather, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss.

I love when celebrities/athletes/coaches etc. fanboy over one another, so this was a lot of fun to watch. Coach K loves Brooks. He loves him!

There are few things better than the thought of high-profile humans sitting around and watching golf after eating too much Thanksgiving dinner the night before. (Just like the rest of us!) It reminds me there are at least a handful of shared moments in the human experience, one of which apparently includes turning on TNT when players tee it up for charity.

4. An old DJ video rediscovered

A few weeks ago, Paulina Gretzky shared a video of Dustin to her Instagram story. Upon first glance, it was adorable — a glimpse of DJ tossing a baseball back and forth with one of his sons. But then I realized something was off. DJ, the stud athlete on the PGA Tour, who people say could play any sport he set his mind to, was stepping with his right leg as he threw with his right arm. 

Fast forward a few weeks and this video gets published. DJ’s throwing form is critiqued at 0:57.

After DJ explained himself, I hopped on the internet to try and find the original video. Instead, I came across the one linked below. It’s pure gold. Enjoy.

DJ’s First Pitch

5. And finally, we have Rory.

Rory — who made headlines last week for his Larry the Lobster ripped shirt moment — is back. We’re happy to report that he is fully clothed this time, though perhaps not clothed the way one would expect for a range session. I also respect that the World No. 8 took these videos himself. How do we know this? Well, before I cropped the video myself, there was a golf cart shadow underneath Rory, and he wasn’t even close to center frame. I love the hustle (PIP!) and also can’t help but wonder if Phil feels threatened by Rory’s calf game. Perhaps we’ll have an answer in next week’s Rogers Report!

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