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These two golf couples have made headlines recently

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Hello friends and happy Monday!

I’m currently reporting live from Rhode Island, but I’m heading down to the Players for the first time ever this week which I am quite excited about. Between Jin Young Ko’s record-setting week at the HSBC Women’s World Championship, Ryan Brehm’s perfectly-timed win at the Puerto Rico Open and the impressive show Scottie Scheffler put on at Bay Hill, it was an eventful week on the course in professional golf. It was an eventful week off the course as well, and I’m here to share what’s happened on golf social media over the last few days. Let’s get right to it!

JT heads to Duke

Mike Krzyzewski coached his last home game at Duke over the weekend and Justin Thomas was there to see it happen. While the rest of the PGA Tour was out getting their souls crushed at Bay Hill, JT was out watching Chapel Hill take down the Blue Devils in Durham. The 14-time PGA Tour winner sported some Duke-inspired kicks and Tom Brady’s new clothing line to the game. Not bad for a Saturday night off!

Tiger chimes in on the PIP

The PGA Tour’s Player Impact Program results were shared last Monday, and while the Top 10 may not have been a surprise, the specific ranking definitely was. Back in December, Phil Mickelson shared on Twitter that he had won the PIP, but on Monday we learned that wasn’t the case. Either something changed since December, or we were fed misinformation, but either way, Tiger acknowledged it in the most perfect way possible.

Are the kids still saying “mic drop?” I’m not sure, and I don’t really like that phrase, but that’s really the only way to really capture what’s going on here. Tiger didn’t play in a single official PGA Tour event all of 2021, ranked 1st in the PIP, tweeted the above and left it at that. Incredible. Also, did he just win the 2022 PIP with that single post? Time will tell.

Fred Couples gets hitched

Suzanne Radcliffe Hannemann and Couples got married in late February and shared the news via the PGA Tour Champions over the weekend. Suzanne looks lovely, but what I’d really like to draw your attention to is the fact that Couples got married wearing Asics. The very sneaker brand that I used to run a mediocre 5k in, Couples got hitched in! How exciting. Couples is the kind of guy that sets the tone for what’s cool, so don’t be surprised if (when) you start seeing more grooms in Asics.

The PGA Tour’s new power couple

Scottie Scheffler earned his second PGA Tour victory in three starts at Bay Hill over the weekend, but it was this interview that people were talking about the most online.

Meredith’s sheer excitement while greeting Scottie is so wholesome. I’m a huge fan of this couple, who we first really saw in public together at the Ryder Cup in September. The two got married in December of 2020, but I remember seeing her follow Scottie at the 2015 Northeast Amateur with the same level of excitement she had at Bay Hill on Sunday. Meredith isn’t public on social media like some of the other WAGs, but I look forward to seeing more of them together as I’m sure Scottie has many more wins in his future.

While Meredith and Scottie may have been the ones in the spotlight on Sunday, shoutout to Scheffler’s other partner, Ted Scott who is definitely a certified Good Guy.

Mel Reid’s latest purchases

Speaking of lovely golf couples, Mel Reid’s fiancee and PGA Tour social media guru Carly Grenfell started a hilarious and extremely relatable Instagram story segment last week. If you’re anything like me, you’ve purchased an assortment of random items on Amazon over the last two years. (I just paused to take a look at the “Buy Again” tab of my Amazon account, and options included a tie dye kit, a running parachute and a hair spray that is supposed to make you blonde but instead made my hair orange.)

Anyways, Grenfell started documenting and, lucky for us, sharing all of the Amazon packages that Reid gets delivered on a daily basis. Her purchases so far include a ring light, an award-winning garlic twister and a huge box of crumpets. It’s not very often that the world’s best players are relatable, so make sure to soak in this moment.

Mel Reid’s latest Amazon purchases

Carly Grenfell

The return of Ho Sung Choi

Ho Sung Choi became a viral sensation in early 2019 due to his unique swing (check it out below for a refresher!). After that, he received sponsor’s exemptions to the 2019 Pebble Beach Pro-Am and John Deere Classic, and for a few moments, he was the talk of golf twitter.

But this was three years ago, and even I had forgotten about the man until he appeared on my timeline via this DP World Tour post last week.

I don’t have much to say about the video other than the obvious β€” Ho-Sung Choi content is good for the soul.

Last-minute Rogers Report addition

Just as I was getting ready to hit publish on this article, Kevin Na posted the following on Twitter.

Congrats to the Nas, who already have two of the cutest kids of all time.

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