These are the incentives this pro’s brother/caddie wagers to keep him motivated

Harry Higgs has his brother on the bag this week at the PGA Championship.

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Caddying is not glamorous work. Schlepping a massive staff bag around undulating landscapes each week takes a toll on one’s body, and being away from family for weeks on end isn’t easy either. The profession requires tremendous sacrifice with no guarantee of glory.

One caddie at the Ocean Course is making one lofty sacrifice this week. Alex Higgs, brother of the jovial Harry Higgs, is giving up his chance to play in the U.S. Amateur Four-Ball at Chambers Bay this weekend in order to carry the bag for his big bro. Alex revealed to reporters that he had a cross-country flight scheduled for this evening in case Harry missed the cut.

Thanks to some strong play in Harry’s major debut — including back-to-back 60-footers to close out his second round — Alex won’t be making it to Chambers. But getting to experience the weekend of a major is plenty reason enough for Alex to miss out on the fun in the Pacific Northwest.

“It was a win-win going into the week for me,” Alex said. “I love [my four-ball partner] to death, but I think I probably would have picked this outcome over the other one. We can always qualify next year.”

Harry lauded his younger brother’s abilities on the bag after his round, calling him one of “the best caddies in the game.” He also applauded Alex for putting up with his “crap” that can come from his demonstrative personality.

The fun for the Higgs brothers doesn’t stop at the golf course, either. Alex regularly promises Harry cocktails based on his play throughout the round. (With the stellar close to Harry’s day, Alex owes him a couple when they get back to their residence.)

“Every now and again, you hit it in a bunker and you get up there and maybe you’re irritated it’s in a bunker but it’s in a good spot, and he’ll just say, ‘Hey, man, $100 if you hole this,'” Harry said. “Like that just gets you in a good mood, in a good frame of mind to pull off a great shot.”

Even with the promise of cocktails and Benjamins, make no mistake, this week has been just as brutal for team Higgs as it has for all the other competitors.

“Maybe it looks like we have more fun than others,” Harry said. “But I tell you, especially this week, the fun is still brutal.”


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