Watch a GOLF Top 100 Teacher drain a 40-footer through 100 bottles of tequila

April 10, 2020
Matt Killen tequila

Just over a year ago, Justin Thomas described the teaching style of coach Matt Killen this way:

“He helps me simplify things and focus on the things I need to focus on,” the world’s fourth-ranked golfer said.

Killen’s putt on Thursday was simplistic. And focused.

Do not hit the Casamigos tequila bottles. And do not hit the Casamigos tequila bottles.

The GOLF Top 100 teacher didn’t.

“When the course is closed, bring out the @casamigos,” Killen wrote under a video on his Instagram account.

Did he ever.

One row of about 50 bottles on a green at Troubadour Golf & Field Club, which is just south of Nashville, Tenn. Another row of about 50 bottles about a foot to the right. All leading to the hole about 40 feet away.

Wearing a black Casamigos Tequila hat and a black shirt with Casamigos and Troubadour logos, Killen set up his ball. He stepped back for a look, then stepped forward. He put his blade putter down and pulled back.

It took about a 9-second journey over a winding, right-to-left, slightly downhill path before finding the bottom of the cup.

A few of his pupils went back to the bottles. Or having perhaps been through similar drills, the spacing of the bottles.

“Those are WAY too wide,” Bud Cauley said.

“That’s what he would tell us at least,” Thomas responded.

Killen defended his setup.

“@budcauley had to make it wide so I could make it at different speeds… also wind blowing 15-20…..”

Cauley went back to the booze in another comment.

“Also send me a couple reposado,” he said.

That was liked by Killen and Thomas.

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