How well do sisters Jessica and Nelly Korda *really* know one another? We found out

Just how compatible are Tour players and their caddies and coaches? We’re about to find out! Welcome to The Perfect Match, a new six-part series, powered by Cisco Webex, in which we’re asking players and their confidants a variety of questions to gauge just how well they know one other. This week’s featured pairing: LPGA stars (and sisters!) Jessica and Nelly Korda.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a more genetically gifted and accomplished family than the Kordas. Jessica and Nelly’s parents, Petr and Regina, were professional tennis players, and the girls’ younger brother, Sebastian, has followed in their parents’ footsteps.

Jessica and Nelly, meanwhile, are both ranked in the top 27 in the world, and have the distinction of being only the third pair of sisters to win LPGA titles in the tour’s history.

Jessica has five career victories while Nelly has three, but Nelly’s stellar play of late has her positioned to make a run at the top spot in the world ranking. The two play every practice round together and admit to spending much of their downtime in each other’s company, too. There’s no doubting their sisterly bond, but do they know each other well enough to answer GOLF’s probing questions?

In Episode 6 of The Perfect Match, we put their relationship to the test with a series of fun and off-beat topics.

The Kardashian sister Jessica relates to most? That’s a no-brainer for Nelly. Nelly’s favorite person to play golf with other than her sister? A slam-dunk for Jessica.

But do they know each other well enough to be deemed a Perfect Match? Watch the full video above to find out!

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