These 16 statistics prove that women’s golf is on a serious upswing

women's golf numbers

When it comes to gains in women's golf, the stats speak for themselves.


How should we put this? Women and girls have been playing catch-up in golf pretty much since shepherds began hitting rocks with their crooks.

Recently, and thankfully, the news has gotten much better. Momentum is with females — and the numbers tell the story.

At the pro level, prize money and venue quality are rising, which is appropriate (and long overdue) given the remarkable level of play consistently on display. Visibility and viewership are surging too.

(FAST Studios’ pledge to include the LPGA in its forthcoming all-women’s sports network package should only help on this front.)

In amateur golf, from both a competitive and participation perspective, females are making tremendous strides as well. More women and girls are playing — and playing for stakes — while enjoying every benefit the game has to offer. Long may the ladies put a swing on it.

Rising Tide

Prize money in the women’s game continues to reach new high-water marks.


Hot Spots

Women’s majors are now regularly being hosted at worthy, world-class venues. Here are some future sites.


National Treasure

The U.S. Women’s Open is, decade by decade, digging deep for the ladies too.



Is women’s golf for real and rapidly ascendant? Count on it.


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