Here is Brandel Chamblee’s approval rating among PGA Tour pros

September 13, 2018

In GOLF’s 2018 anonymous player poll, we surveyed 59 Tour pros on a wide variety of subjects (Slow play! Cheating on Tour! Tiger vs. Phil!). One of the most compelling questions came on NBC/Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee, who has a history of polarizing opinions. His approach to commentary has drawn the ire of some pros, including Tiger Woods, who said Chamblee is good “for people who don’t play the game,” with a grin at this year’s Players.

But he has the approval of far more, according to the poll. Sixty-four percent said they respect Chamblee’s opinions, with one pro adding, “Say what you want, but the guy does his homework.” The poll question — and select responses — are below.


YES: 64%

NO: 27%


“Say what you want, but the guy does his homework.”

“I played with him and he wasn’t that good.”

“The Tiger bashing gets old and ruins a bit of his credibility.”

“Every panel of talking heads needs a jackass.”

“He can’t possibly believe all of the stuff he’s saying.”

“I’ve blocked him on social media because I don’t even want to know what comes out of his mouth.”

“He missed his calling. Should have been a doctor — he might have cured a few diseases.”