Billy Horschel apologizes to Augusta National: ‘The fire inside me sometimes runs hot’

Billy Horschel finished T50 at the 2021 Masters.

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It was an eventful weekend for Billy Horschel at Augusta National. The six-time Tour winner twice set Twitter ablaze with reactions to his on-course activity: first for Saturday’s instantly meme-able moment that involved a barefoot slip down a slope before hitting a shot from the water on Augusta’s par-5 13th, and then for a far less laughable reason: a club-thumping steam-releasing session in the fourth round.

On Sunday evening, Horschel took to social media to apologize to both Augusta National and the patrons on-site for what he deemed “conduct that may have crossed the line.”

“I am and have always been a fiery competitor,” Horschel wrote. “Unfortunately, the fire inside me sometimes runs hot when I’m not getting the most out of my game. This leads to some instances where my conduct is not what I wish to show, especially as a role model to the younger generation.

“I apologize to Augusta National, the Members of the Club and to the patrons for any conduct that may have crossed the line,” Horschel continued. “I am always trying to improve and do better; as a golfer, husband, father, or as a human being.”

Horschel’s Instagram post included an expanded caption, with some additional context.

“I try and conduct myself to the highest level everyday,” Horschel wrote. “I support and congratulate my fellow playing partners on a regular basis throughout the round. As my fellows tour pros know, Augusta National can drive any sane person crazy with swirling winds and green complexes! I am a perfectionist at heart, always striving for perfection, knowing that it is not truly attainable but understanding that striving for perfection will ultimately make me better in the long run. Hopefully, some runs are shorter than others!”

Horschel shots rounds of 76-71-73-76 (eight over) to finish T50 at the Masters. Photographer

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