Which city is the best place to miss a cut and have the weekend off?

hilton head

Charley Hoffman has enjoyed his weekends off in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

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The PGA Tour rota is quite the circling of America. From Texas to California to Florida to the Midwest, the Tour stops in many major American cities.

But it can be tricky for pros who play well everywhere. They’ll spend a lot of time at the host course … and home. Nowhere else (especially during a global pandemic). During normal times, the culture-seeking Tour pro can make the most of missed cuts where they’ve got a free weekend to explore. But which locale is the best place to miss a cut and hang out? 

According to Charley Hoffman, it’s Hilton Head, South Carolina. Hoffman joined the Subpar Podcast this week to talk about a number of things, including life on the road missed cut or otherwise. 

“Back when I was younger … I think Hilton Head might have been the best town to miss the cut in,” Hoffman said.

“They had a cool little vibe down there at The Quarterdeck. You can get on a boat party or something like that and have a lot of fun if you happen to miss the cut at Hilton Head. And you can walk everywhere, which is very important.”

Cohost Colt Knost (and former Tour pro himself) agreed. The irony here is that Hoffman has missed the cut just three times in Hilton Head, and one of those was this year when players were advised to stay home. Hoffman had a span of 11 years between missed cuts (2006, 2017) in Hilton Head, so if what he says is true, his “younger” missed cut came about 14 years ago. Must have been a pretty memorable weekend! 

You can check out the rest of Hoffman’s interview with the Subpar podcast below. 


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