Augusta National is hiring! Ranking the 10 best Masters job openings

Golf fans, it's time to dust off your resume.

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Golf fans, it’s time to beef up your resume. Augusta National is hiring.

Yes, the Tradition Unlike Any Other is beefing up its Temporary Workforce Unlike Any Other, and if you’re looking to get a taste of how the sausage is made at golf’s most beloved event, now’s your chance to see your dream become a reality.

The openings span the gamut of Masters daily operations, from food and drink to merchandising and hospitality. Below, find our ranking of the 10 best openings available (and, should you find yourself interested, here’s how to apply).

The 10 best Masters job openings, ranked

10. Greeter

Maybe I’m just claustrophobic (okay — I am claustrophobic), but the most stressful few moments of every Masters for me are ones spent in line waiting to get into the mammoth merchandise facility. In my experience, “greeters” are little more than a friendly form of crowd control, keeping the hordes in their proper position before releasing them out into the shopping floor. This job requires a good temperament and a very firm hand, but those who do it well will find themselves in the heartbeat of tournament week.

9. Sales Attendant

This one is highly dependent on location, but assuming you’re selling some of the nicer gear, life as a sales attendant is pretty good. Mainly, your job is helping folks find the proper sizing and gear for their loved ones, but your proximity to the products gives you a good understanding of what’s popular on tournament week.

8. Cashier

One of my favorite Masters week parlor games is asking the merchandise center cashiers about their biggest sale. Most have rung up at least one charge in the neighborhood of $15,000, if not several (Masters fever is real, folks). There’s certainly pressure to ring customers up at an efficient pace — to say nothing of delivering the unfortunate news of a customer’s final spend — but hey, at least you’re not working out on the floor!

7. Merchandise Stocker

Retail life without any of the human interactions — it’s a dream! Yes, you will likely spend most of your week shuffling thousands of hats out to the floor, and no, you might not get to see much of tournament life as it’s happening around you, but you’ll probably get first dibs (and a steep discount) on whichever Masters merch you like most. That’s not half-bad.

The merchandise stockers know what sells comes Masters week, like these gnomes. Stephen Denton

6. Barback

As anyone who’s been a barback before knows, it’s hard, exhausting work. But for very wealthy, ostensibly generous clientele, it’s also a job that pays well in tips and in professional interactions. The Masters, as we know, has no shortage of wealthy or well-connected clientele, making this an ideal role.

5. Culinary Runner

There’s one line in the job description that makes this whole opportunity worth the experience: “The Culinary Runner distributes food and supplies to all concessions facilities, maintains sanitation of all storage areas and operates a golf cart and/or full-sized vehicle, following all legal and Club safety regulations.

There it is folks, the creme de la creme, the opportunity to cart your way around Augusta National on Masters week. Sure, you might not see any of the golf course, but does it really matter?

4. Line Cook

The role of line cook, as those who have worked in the restaurant industry know, is not to make the world’s most delicious food, but rather to make the world’s most dependable food. A good line cook will know how to make the exact same dish look and taste the exact same way, every single time. For Masters hospitality, that might mean any order of dishes, but as someone who’s eaten many of them already, I can assure you all those dishes are delicious.

Bonus points: You might learn how to make Augusta National bacon in the process of working this job, which is the most delicious form of cured meat known to mankind.

3. Overnight Sandwich Prep

Weird hours, but you’ll know how to make Masters Pimento Cheese sandwiches for the rest of your life. Need we say anything more?

2. Barista

A (usually) fun job, at a fun place, with fun clientele. Personally speaking, I’m never happier than I am when I’m receiving coffee in the morning. When I’m receiving the coffee (with a Masters cookie, of course) that I’m about to bring out for a morning walk around Augusta National? Well, that qualifies as the happiest I’ll ever be.

1. Bartender

Azaleas are the drink of choice, but with a top-shelf bar selection and a thirsty clientele, a skilled bartender can witness golf’s greatest tournament — and make a boatload in tips doing it. It’s hard work, don’t get me wrong, but at the Masters, it’s well worth it.

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