4 ways to win a green jacket without winning the Masters

Winning the Masters isn't the only way to claim a green jacket.

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It’s hard to win a green jacket — just ask Lee Trevino, Greg Norman or Rory McIlroy. You could go buy one, but where’s the glory in that? For those who want to earn their green jacket but can’t figure out how to shoot the lowest 72-hole score at the Masters, we’ve got a foursome of other ideas.

1. Win the U.S. Open … seriously

Forget the PGA Tour, though — we’re talking the PBA Tour. The Professional Bowlers Association awards its national champion a green jacket, won this year by Anthony “Simo” Simonsen, a talented hothead in the Pat Perez mold.

2. Hoop it up

The Sleepy Hollow Organization of Old Timers (SHOOT) is a basketball (not golf) group in California (not New York, with the eponymous country club) that gives a green coat annually to “a good role model, a good dad and a good sport.” Good stuff.

Bubba Watson
The Masters green jacket do’s and don’ts, according to Bubba Watson
By: Nick Piastowski

3. Do it for the kids

Support youth development on a statewide level via the Georgia 4-H and you could win its Green Jacket Award, presented to the winner during the State 4-H Congress. No word whether the previous winner places the garment on the newbie.

4. Be a highly successful businessman — then hang fire

You don’t ask to join Augusta National Golf Club. If they want you, they’ll target you. Same goes for the Green Jacket Club, an invitation-only group of clay-shooting enthusiasts. Ready…. Wait…. Fire!!!

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