How to party responsibly on the golf course, according to a rock legend

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Van Halen legend and golf-lover Sammy Hagar knows how to have a good time.

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I like to party when I perform, but I never overdo it. I always pace myself. And a round of golf goes even longer than a show. When you’re out on the course you don’t want to be sloppy by the time you make the turn. Here’s how to party like a pro while keeping your touch around the greens. 

1. Check your ABV

As in “alcohol by volume.” There are craft beers with more than 10% ABV. If you’re playing golf and drinking one of those bad boys, they’re going to kick your butt. Stick to no more than 5% or 6% if you’re drinking a canned cocktail or beer. That’s key to never losing your cool. 

2. Stick to single cans

I like to top off my canned cocktails: my go-to is my Cherry Kola Chill, with a shot of rum. But when you’re playing golf, that’s only going to lead to trouble. You want to enhance your game, not destroy it, so when it comes to drinking during your game, stick to single cans. No added shots. 

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3. Have a plan

Everyone’s alcohol tolerance is different, so it’s good to know and be aware of yours as you start your game. Can you keep your game together after five or six drinks, or are you shanking after three? Know your limits, and don’t guzzle anymore than you can handle.

4. Pace yourself

The sun’s out, the day is beautiful and that first drink or two went down pretty fast. Don’t be the rabbit out of the gate. This is about the long game, and you don’t want to lose your cool, and your swing, by the 6th hole.

5. Hydrate

Make sure you’re constantly hydrating. I need energy during my shows, and I learned a long time ago that I need to reach for water in-between drinks. I do love shots of tequila, but I don’t want to crash and burn before the encore. You don’t want to crash and burn before you get a chance to enjoy the 19th hole.

Former Van Halen lead singer Sammy Hagar is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the founder of Sammy’s Beach Bar Cocktail Co., specializing in top-shelf sparkling rum cocktails. He’s also co-founder of Santo Spirits and Beach Bar Rum.

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