5 great golf finds you should buy (all under $50!)

golf items to buy

There's always something to add to your arsenal. Here are five hand-picked items that can help your game (or at least make it more enjoyable).


Anyone who has ever spent a rainy summer day inside their local golf superstore knows there’s always something to add to your arsenal. Sometimes it’s a new driver or on-sale irons (like these), but the point is there’s always some sort of gadget, gizmo or essential that can help your game (or at least make it more enjoyable).

And since it’s usually easier to pull the trigger on purchases that won’t sting your bank account too badly, we hand-picked five key items that are all currently under $50. So scroll below and check out these handy items you might just love.

There’s one handy (and affordable) putting laser that’s sure to perfect your putting stroke, and there’s also two other short-game items worth looking at: the Tri-Turf Mat can plop down anywhere so you can work on chipping, pitching or full-swing shots from different-length lies, and the Rukket Sports chipping game is perfect for your backyard.

We rounded out the list with two items (Srixon golf balls and a Palm Golf Co. hat) that have been popular items on Fairway Jockey. Maybe that’s for good reason. Check them all out below.

Short Game Gains Precision Putting Laser

Think of yourself as a Sniper, and your putter is the  badass modified rifle that helps you lock on to your target. Our Precision Putting Laser goes on top of your weapon (the putter) and shows you EXACTLY how to perfect your aim, so you can feel more confident pulling that trigger. As we already know, 97% of players suck at aiming (see: Accurate Aim Kit) and if your aim is poor, you’ll have to make adjustments throughout the stroke to get the putter face aimed down the correct line in time for impact. This leads to inconsistencies and missed putts. The PPL comes with a tripod as well, which allows you to create a sort of “chalk line”- but this chalk line won’t ruin your hardwood floors. Click the Laser onto the tripod, align it with your target, and you have a clear visual of the line you’re trying to hit. *This laser is designed for indoor use, and is not visible in bright outdoor light*
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Rukket Sports Tri-Turf Mat

Tri-Turf Portable Golf Hitting Mat allows you to practice on three turf styles for better results on the course! Features Tee Turf: Use a REAL GOLF TEE to practice your driver and woods. Get rid of those awful plastic tees you “borrowed” from the driving range! Fairway/Rough: Just like being out on the course. Be more prepared the next time you hit the links for 18 holes. Clean Lie: Hit off a perfectly clean lie for that PURE shot! BONUS PRACTICE FEATURE: Use it to keep your feet at the proper width apart, shoulder width, an additional training aid feature! Product Specs 25in x 16in
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Srixon Z-STAR XV 8 2023 Golf Balls

To push the limits of your game, you need a ball with all the right ingredients. That’s why the entire Z-STAR Series was designed to deliver tour-level distance, control and feel, from tee to green. Starring a reformulated FastLayer DG Core and improved Spin Skin+ coating, you, too, can experience the formula trusted by Major Champions when wins are on the line. FASTLAYER DG CORE The trade-off is age-old: hard cores are fast, soft cores are slow. But the firmer a golf ball, the harsher it feels at impact, which can reduce your confidence when the pressure is on. That’s why our new FastLayer DG Cores are soft at the center and get firmer from the inside out. The contrasting compression helps them rebound quicker off the face for incredible distance while still providing exceptional feel. NEW SPIN SKIN+ COATING This micronic layer of specialized urethane increases the cover’s degree of friction for even more spin and control. THIN, PREMIUM COVER Every Z-STAR Series golf ball features an extra thin, thermoplastic urethane cover to provide tour-level stopping power around the greens. SPEED DIMPLE PATTERN With their deep dimensions, the 338 Speed Dimples on each Z-STAR Series golf ball punch through air for a penetrating launch. Once aloft, the dimples generate lift, driving the ball upward toward its peak and maximizing glide distance during descent. When conditions get tough and the winds reach high speeds, the 338 Speed Dimples’ low drag coefficient helps the ball stay on target through the moving air and maintain distance in headwinds. Swing Speed: 100+ mph Launch: Mid-high Construction:3-Piece Cover Material: Urethane Cover Thickness: 0.5mm Compression: 102 Dimple Number: 338
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Palm Golf Co. Tradition Snapback

Headwear Sizing: OSFA (6 5/8 – 7 5/8)Fabric: 55% Nylon x 45% CottonBack: Adjustable SnapbackCrown Height: 3.5″ Visor: Slight Curve  Patch Material: PVC Patch
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Rukket Sports WHACK-A-HAACK Golf Chipping Game

  Golf’s newest game is here! Like corn hole but more portable (and more fun in our opinion). It’s great for the backyard, beach, tailgates, barbecues, or anywhere you want to hang out and show off your chipping skills! Two or more players square off in this test of short game skills. No need to worry about errant shots bouncing around because our special edition EVO foam golf balls are perfect for any situation. Features 🎁 ULTIMATE BEACH AND BACKYARD PARTY GAME. Move over corn hole, WHACK-A-HAACK, the Rukket golf chipping net corn hole game is here. It’s great for the beach, your next backyard BBQ, or even your living room and comes in 3 different colors. Play anywhere you want to chill and have a good time with friends and family. ⛳️🌽🕳💥 🦄 THE PERFECT COMBINATION of fun and portability. Why lug around bag toss or pong tables when you could be playing this backyard chipping game that’s lightweight and super easy to set-up? 🎉 TAKE IT TO YOUR NEXT SOIREE and be the hit of the party. Perfect for tailgates and sporting events. Compete with your family, friends, or show Happy Gilmore who’s boss with our innovative target system. Collapsible and comes with a carry bag and you won’t have to worry about any stray shots with our soft foam golf balls. 🌈 FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY just like the late John Candy once said. The balls are soft and supple enough that they won’t break your neighbor’s windows, but hard enough to go all day and withstand those ocean breezes. Easy set up and storage, so grab a beer, soda, juice, or your favorite beverage and get in on the chipping fun! Product Specs 25in x 20in What’s in the Box (2) Rukket Golf Chipping Nets and Carry Bag (2) Hitting Turf Mats (8) Soft Foam Golf Balls Stakes RUKKET FAIR PLAY GUARANTEE & LIFETIME WARRANTY: At Rukket Sports we know you came to win. We also understand that in order to win you need to train hard, so that’s why we’re proud to offer the Rukket Fair Play Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty for no-risk purchasing plus outstanding USA-based customer service!  
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