7 portable golf products perfect for walking the course

bose micro soundlink speaker

This Bose Soundlink micro speaker is the perfect addition to your carry bag.


In 2020, the best way to upgrade your golf game is to downsize. Players everywhere are walking — not by choice but necessity. Social distancing rules have left carts in the barn and have given rise to a new legion of push cart golfers.

While walking might be good for your health, if you want to make it to the 18th green, you’d be wise to focus on shedding a different kind of poundage: your bag’s. But don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice any of the luxuries sacrificed from your old, motorized cart days. Here are the best portable products for your game.

Mini Portable Speaker

Price: $35-100

If you’re someone who loves to listen to music during your round, a mini speaker is the perfect complement for your bag. Many of these models are small enough to fit in your pocket, but aren’t so loud as to distract the players around you. At $80, the Bose Soundlink micro speaker is a worthy option. Just clip it to your bag and you’re good for up to six hours of battery life, with a built-in waterproof feature to keep you jamming even when the spring showers roll in.

Golf Socks

Price: $5-20

Sure, you don’t NEED new socks. But here’s a solemn fact true of every golfer, regardless of ability: you’re a blister away from a ruined round.

We’ve all made the mistake of thinking we’d survive with old shoes or tattered socks before, and we’ve all paid the price. But instead of driving back to the pro shop (or calling back to the clubhouse for help), now you’re limping back to the car with your bag on your back. Don’t make that mistake today.

Bombas’ socks aren’t only incredibly comfortable, they’re also a purchase you can feel good about making. For every pair purchased, they’ll donate a pair to someone in need.


It sounds expensive, but for $16, you can own these magnificent golf socks from Bombas. These socks that won’t just prevent blisters, they’ll make you hate golfing with anything else on your feet. Seriously. They’re that good.

Portable Tumbler

Price: $20-40

Yes, the beverage cart is now closed, but no, you don’t have to stop imbibing during your round — you’ve just got to get creative. For $30, you can keep 30 ounces of your favorite cocktail cold all day long in a Yeti Rambler.

Now’s the time to buy-in on the time-honored tradition of “pregaming.” Before you head out to the course, fix yourself something tall and strong in one of these bad boys. Later on, pop the lid and enjoy the walk. (GOLF is not responsible for any tumbler-induced shanks.)

Reusable Water Bottle

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Price: $10-30

Speaking of cold beverages, it’s probably a good idea to pack something to keep yourself hydrated, and what better way to do so than with a brand new Hydro Flask water bottle? Slap a few stickers from your favorite golf conquests on the outside and toss in the side of your bag. A few holes in the heat later, you’ll be happy you did.

Folding Chair

Price: $20-60

Walking doesn’t have to equate to standing. From a simple, three-legged portable chair to an attachment for your push cart, this lightweight addition is the safest (and best) way to keep yourself rested while you’re out on the course. For those with achy knees, you can thank us later.

Range Finder

Price: $100-550

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If you’ve been reliant upon your golf cart’s GPS for distances, it’s time to upgrade. For $150, you can land TecTecTec’s fantastic point-and-shoot VPRO500 laser. For distances refined down to the decimal (not to mention features like slope compensation and vibration when a flag is detected) tap into Bushnell’s Tour V5.

Divot Repair Bottle

Price: Free

Do this one yourself. Pop into your garage with an empty Gatorade or water bottle and grab sand, topsoil and grass seed. Then, mix the three ingredients together in the bottle, and voila. You’ll have enough divot repair mix for at least your next round, if not longer. If that sounds beneath you, remember: if you care about golf, you care about golf maintenance, and if you care about golf maintenance, you’ll fill your divots.

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