Buyer’s Guide: Best Bushnell Rangefinders of 2023

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best Bushnell rangefinders

Whether it’s shooting your yardage or tracking your shots on a launch monitor, you name it and there’s most likely the golf technology for it. The everyday golfers now have an abundance of information and statistics at their fingertips with all of the new tech that has constantly been advancing over the years. Regardless of where you’re at in your golf journey, an accurate and durable rangefinder is one of the most valuable tools you can add to your bag.

While there’s no shortage of options, the unrivaled leader in the market of golf rangefinders is Bushnell. The sporting optics company says about 98% of PGA Tour players use its golf rangefinders. Bushnell also offers GPS technology and a variety of price points to fit any style of play. Here, we highlight the best Bushnell rangefinders for almost every type of golfer.

Top 6 Bushnell rangefinders and GPS devices

Best Bushnell rangefinders compared

RangefinderCostYardage AccuracyWaterproof? 
Bushnell Tour V5 Shift$399.99400+ yardsNo
Bushnell Tour V5$299.99400+ yardsNo
Bushnell Pro XE$549.99500+ yardsYes
Bushnell iON Edge Watch$149.99N/AYes
Bushnell Wingman GPS-Speaker Combo$149.99N/ANo
Bushnell Phantom 2 GPS$129.99N/AYes

Best overall: Tour V5 Shift

Tour V5 Shift



  • Slope adjustment toggle
  • Magnetic cart mount
  • Vibrates and flashes a circle when locked on the flag


  • Pricier than the competition
  • Water-resistant (not waterproof)

Earning top marks for best Bushnell rangefinder, the Tour V5 Shift offers an ideal blend of value and functionality. The “Shift” in the Tour V5 Shift refers to its main feature difference from the Tour V5: slope-adjusted distance readings. As any golfer knows, adjusting for slope can often be the trickiest part of choosing a club. The Tour V5 Shift’s side-mounted toggle, however, will allow you to turn the slope-adjustment feature off for tournament play.

Other notable features of the Tour V5 Shift include a secure BITE magnetic cart mount on one side of the rangefinder for easy access mid-round. Our favorite feature of the 2023 Bushnell rangefinders is the JOLT PinSeeker upgrade, which vibrates when you’ve locked onto a flag and flashes a circle on the heads-up display for a satisfying and confidence-inspiring user experience.

At $399.99, it clocks in at $100 over Bushnell’s Tour V5 rangefinder, but we found it to be the most valuable and well-designed option in the bunch. A must-have for handicaps of all ranges, this product makes an ideal gift that any golfer in your life will use for years to come.

Best entry-level: Tour V5

Tour V5



  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight
  • Magnetic cart mount


  • No slope adjustment 
  • Water-resistant (not waterproof)

Improving upon one of our favorite rangefinder gifts of the 2020 holiday season, Bushnell has taken the Tour V5 golf rangefinder to new heights. It’s lightweight, durable, and accurate to within 1 yard. Available in a classic black and gray color, as well as a more patriotic red, white, and blue, the Tour V5 clocks in at a reasonable $299.99, making it our favorite pick for any entry-level golfer.

Bushnell prides itself on superior visual clarity and color, and after one look through the Tour V5 (the brand’s lowest tier rangefinder mind you), you’ll absolutely notice the difference. While the Tour V5 doesn’t offer slope adjustment, it does include all the user experience tech of the 2023 models. This includes a secure BITE magnetic cart mount and the confidence-inspiring JOLT technology that vibrates and flashes a circle on-screen when you’ve locked onto the flag.

Best for low handicaps: Pro XE

Pro XE



  • Waterproof
  • 7x magnification
  • Adjusts distance based on temperature and humidity 


  • Expensive
  • May be too much information for novice golfers

Appearing on our lists for top rangefinders for spring golf and Father’s Day, the Bushnell Pro XE is the cream of the crop for high-performing golf rangefinders. Exceptional image quality and a best-in-class 7x magnification at 500+ yards will leave nothing out of sight. 

One of the most significant value-adds is the IPX7 100% waterproof rating so that the Pro XE can stand up to any weather element. And perhaps this rangefinder’s most unique feature is its ability to calculate temperature and humidity to give the most accurate distance possible. This feature is crucial for low handicaps, as the difference in distance between playing in fog and the high-desert heat can sometimes be upwards of 15-20 yards.

At a high price point of $549.99, this rangefinder certainly isn’t for everyone. But it’s worth every penny for those who value the extra information it provides. As with all Bushnell rangefinders, it fits perfectly in your hand and uses years of innovation and time-tested insights to satisfy the needs of the modern golfer.

Best for walkers: iON Edge Watch

iON Edge Watch



  • Moveable pin placement
  • Advanced scorecard functionality
  • Accurate yardages to hazards and green


  • Touchscreen can be fickle at times
  • Learning curve required to use
  • Not very stylish

For those looking at a rangefinder with a more hands-free approach, Bushnell created the iON Edge Watch for $149.99. Enabled by GPS technology, this rangefinder offers an impressive amount of yardage while accounting for various hazards. It even allows you to custom mark pin locations for accurate, to-the-flag readings.

We like this as an unobtrusive option for golfers who typically walk. Classic handheld rangefinders, on the other hand, can sometimes be an issue for more forgetful golfers who set them down to take their shot and inadvertently leave them behind — a pricey mistake with rangefinders that cost upwards of $600.

While all Bushnell products include access to the Bushnell mobile app, the iON Edge is one of the more effective companion-tech products. It allows advanced tracking of stats like fairways and greens without having to pull out your phone each time to record.

Best for the casual golfer: Wingman GPS-Speaker Combo

Wingman GPS-Speaker Combo



  • Premium-quality sound for music and audible GPS distances
  • Easy to set up and pair with phone
  • Quarter-sized remote for yardage functionality


  • Limited yardage information
  • Bulky for those who prefer to walk

Bushnell’s Wingman GPS Speaker is a great option for those who need simplified yardage guidance and premium-quality sound for music on the course. Pioneering the space with a “first of its kind” speaker-meets-GPS tool, the Wingman is designed for the casual golfer. It comes with a quarter-sized pocket remote that you can push for audible front, middle, and back distances to the green.

This will likely not meet the requirements of golfers looking for exact tee-to-green distances that a typical golf rangefinder would offer. However, the added functionality of a high-performing speaker can help smooth out those bumps for someone who wants a fun round while still trying to go low. The set-up process is straightforward and it’s also compatible with the Bushnell app for a complete picture of GPS yardages.

For more thoughts on the Wingman as a golf speaker, be sure to check out our Best Golf Speakers of 2023 rundown.

Best for the minimalist: Phantom 2 GPS

Phantom 2 GPS



  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easily and securely attaches to cart frame via magnet
  • 4 different color options


  • Provides limited yardage
  • Small size can be easy to forget on cart after a round

One of our favorite GPS products from Bushnell is the ultra-lightweight Phantom 2 GPS. This miniature device uses the same BITE magnetic technology of Bushnell golf rangefinders and the Wingman golf speaker to simply and securely hold the Phantom 2 in place on any golf cart. With a simple toggle on the basic interface, you can get the necessary information you need, whether that’s hazard or green distances. Similar to the iON Edge Watch, you can customize where the pin is located on any green for more accurate measurements. 

Our favorite feature is that it automatically recognizes what course you’re playing and automatically advances holes at a surprising level of accuracy considering how small the device is.

You have the option to pair with the Bushnell app for advanced stat tracking and more in-depth GPS yardages. But those who want the ability to shoot yardages to specific waypoints and targets will still need to explore Bushnell’s excellent array of golf rangefinder options. It’s no wonder the second evolution from its Phantom series continues to earn Bushnell high respect from our team.

Take advantage of golf tech for better play

Bushnell maintains its position as one of the best golf rangefinder companies in the market because of its breadth of options for golfers of all levels, as well as its superior visual clarity, accurate rangefinding capabilities, and intuitive user experience.

As you consider which product is best for your game, here are a few factors and helpful tips to keep in mind: 

  • Price: The cost jumps out as one of the biggest differentiators among Bushnell’s rangefinders, with the Phantom GPS 2 (a handy and lightweight GPS device) running at an affordable price of $129.99 and the premium-level Pro XE ringing in at $549.99. It’s important to find a rangefinder that suits both your golfing needs and your budget.
  • Weight and portability: These factors play into how you play golf — whether that’s walking or riding. For those who prefer to walk, we love the iON Edge Watch, as well as the Tour V5 Shift for its lightweight yet functional capabilities. For the cart riders, having some music to vibe to never hurts with the magnetic Wingman speaker.
  • Skill level: If you’re a beginner golfer who’s still learning your yardages and feeling comfortable hitting consistently, choosing the Wingman makes sense because it offers yardage but functions more as an enjoyable tool. For scratch-level golfers who have their flighting dialed into every few yards, the Bushnell Pro XE will improve your scores with an almost caddy-level insight into conditions and distance.


What is the best golf rangefinder of 2023?

When looking at all rangefinders on the market, we found the Bushnell Pro XE to be the best golf rangefinder of 2023. 

What is the best Bushnell rangefinder?

Of Bushnell’s rangefinders, the Tour V5 Shift is the best when considering all factors like price, value, and performance. It offers golfers of all skill levels a slope-adjusted and well-designed rangefinder at a significantly more affordable price point than the Bushnell Pro XE. However, if you’re willing to overlook the price, the Pro XE is Bushnell’s most feature-loaded and performance-packed rangefinder.

Which Bushnell rangefinders do the pros use?

Bushnell rangefinders are used by 98.1% of PGA Tour players. Bushnell’s superior laser rangefinder technology offers the kind of precision and accuracy that pro golfers trust. Plus, with the ability to turn the slope on and off, the rangefinder can be used in tournament play.

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