Mike Davis, Pete Bevacqua agree: There will never be another Tiger, but future is bright

March 24, 2017

The state of golf remains a popular topic, thanks to the rise of young players, a plethora of proposed rules changes and, of course, the status of Tiger Woods. 

GOLF.com’s Ryan Asselta sat down with USGA executive director Mike Davis and PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua to discuss these topics and more. The execs also describe their philosophies behind their major-championship venue set-ups. 

“[The majors] are important but each test is different,” Davis said. “For us, we’re looking to make it the ultimate test in golf. That’s just the tradition of the U.S. Open.”

Bevacqua agreed. “They have to have their own identity. If they were duplicative, I think they would lose their charm and, in many ways, lose what makes them so special. I think it’s a benefit that your experience watching the Masters is different than when you watch the U.S. Open, which is very different when you watch the Open Championship and different again when you watch the PGA Championship.

“More than ever, as the golf calendar has become busier and busier, the specialness of the majors stands out even more.”

And while golf gears up for the Masters, Tiger Woods also remains top of mind. Bevacqua said Woods is transcendent and will remain so, but Bevacqua remains optimistic that the sport can thrive with or without Woods as a competitive player. 

“We have this incredibly authentic, energized, approachable group of superstars out there right now, so we have to build on that,” Bevacqua said. “We have to create an environment where we can create more Tiger Woods.”

You can watch the full interview below.