Our Picks: GOLF’s limited-edition Top 100 World and U.S. Courses memorabilia

Two GOLF Top 100 Courses peg boards

Made with solid walnut wood, GOLF Magazine's official World and U.S. Top 100 Golf Course peg boards are available now for a limited time.


Welcome to Our Picks, where we fill you in on the newest and hottest golf equipment and accessories. Today, we’re featuring GOLF’s Limited Edition Top 100 course peg memory boards. Last time, we featured the new golf ball Tiger Woods recently swapped to at the Genesis Invitational, which you can read by tapping here.

A perfect gift for any golfer– these all-natural, U.S.-crafted, solid walnut wood memorabilia boards are a sentimental gift that will last a lifetime. Each year, GOLF.com/GOLF Magazine selects a ‘Top 100 World‘ and a ‘Top 100 U.S.‘ course list to set standards for years to come.

This hand-crafted wooden wall art will help you keep up with which Top 100 courses you’ve played and look forward to playing, plus it’s a gorgeous addition to any golf lover’s wall. How many of these courses have you played so far?

Both boards come with 100 pins and all the hardware you need to hang these luxurious pieces on your wall. Courtesy

Methodology: How we rate courses | Meet our expert panelists

GOLF’s Top 100 Courses sorted by country and state

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All peg boards are made to order and will ship in 1-2 weeks.

GOLF’s Top 100 course rankings: Top 100 Courses in the World | Top 100 Courses in the U.S. | Top 100 Courses You Can Play | Top 100 Value Courses in the U.S. | America’s Best Municipal Courses | Top 100 in the U.K. and Ireland | Top 100 Short Courses in the World

GOLF’s 2023-2024 World Top 100 Golf Course Board

Being made of solid, all-natural walnut wood, you can expect aesthetic wood grain patterns, varying per piece. A true limited-edition and one-of-a-kind work of art. This piece features GOLF’s Top 100 Courses in the World.


GOLF Magazine 2023-2024 World Top 100 Golf Course Board

Hey there, golf enthusiasts! Dreaming of conquering the world’s best golf courses? Meet your new sidekick: the official GOLF Top 100 Peg Board! Crafted from sturdy Walnut, this beauty is your map to tracking your journey as you tackle the elusive Top 100 list. Size: Approximately 10″ x 20″ What’s inside? You’ll get 100 Pins and all the hardware needed for easy hanging. Please note: Due to the natural materials, expect some color variations—just adds to the uniqueness!  
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GOLF’s 2022-2023 US Top 100 Golf Course Board

GOLF is also releasing the matching 2022-2023 Top 100 U.S. Course Board featuring GOLF’s Top 100 Courses in the U.S.


GOLF Magazine 2022-2023 US Top 100 Golf Course Board

Embark on your epic golfing adventure with our official GOLF Top 100 Peg Board – a game-changer for every golfer dreaming of conquering the best courses across the US. Crafted from solid Walnut, this board is not just a keepsake; it’s a testament to your passion. Size: Approximately 10″ x 20″ What’s in the package? 100 Pins and all the hardware you need for easy hanging. Quick heads up: These boards are made from natural wood, so expect some cool color variations. Ready to turn your golfing dreams into a visual masterpiece? Get your Top 100 Peg Board now and let the tracking begin!
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You, too, can play GOLF’s Top 100 Courses — here’s how

Many of these courses seem unattainable to play, whether it be for distance, price or lack of member connection, but you and all other golfers should be excited to know this is a common misconception.

Tons of GOLF’s listed Top 100 Courses (both in the World and U.S. lists) are playable for the public, and it’s not out-of-this-world to think you, too, can snag a tee time at one or many of these highly-esteemed courses.

Can you get a tee time at a Top 100 Course in the World? Here’s your guide — tap here to read it.

Mark your lists (and your peg boards), and start looking forward to future golf trips that you (and your loved ones) can play or look forward to playing for years to come.

How many of these courses have you played? Start booking that trip.

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