Marcus Allen Q&A: The NFL Hall of Famer on why kickers and quarterbacks make the best golfers

Former NFL player Marcus Allen tees off on the 11th hole during the second round of the Invited Celebrity Classic at Las Colinas Country Club on April 22, 2023 in Irving, Texas.

Marcus Allen tees off on at the 2023 Invited Celebrity Classic at Las Colinas Country Club in Irving, Texas.

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The NFL Hall of Famer and Super Bowl XVIII MVP loves golf so much, he’ll play with just about anybody. Even kickers.

G: What is it that draws you to the game of golf?

MA: Well, first of all, it’s the drive to improve, to get better. I’m always striving for consistency, which, for me, is almost an impossibility. [Laughs.]

G: That’s pretty much the same for everybody.

MA: And then from a social standpoint, it’s just the best game for fathers and sons or brothers or friends to be able to enjoy spending time together, walking and talking and challenging each other. And it’s a phenomenal opportunity to enter into and develop relationships because you have four hours to do so.

G: Right, and that’s hard to do on the football field.

MA: Yeah, my job was to run away from people!

G: What’s your theory on why kickers and quarterbacks seem to be the best golfers?

MA: Because they don’t get hit! [Laughs.]

G: I suppose that’s true. So they don’t end up with as many injuries.

MA: Man, they hardly participate in any physical activity other than maybe games. But when you’re running the ball, you’re getting hit. When you’re blocking, you’re getting hit. When you’re going up and catching the ball, you’re getting hit. So ours is a very challenging game from that standpoint. A lot of hitting.

G: There sure is.

MA: The quarterbacks wear yellow jerseys at practice so nobody accidentally hits them. And you wanna talk about kickers! They don’t even go to meetings! [Laughs.]

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G: Did you tee it up when you were in the NFL?

MA: No. I didn’t take up golf until later in my career. I was focused on football 100 percent. But I look forward to playing this game for the rest of my life.

G: Is there something you were great at doing on the football field that has helped you on the golf course?

MA: I guess I’d say focus and determination. Those are useful traits to have on the golf course. Especially with my game!

G: I know a lot of you Hall of Famers play together when you’re in Canton for the yearly summer enshrinement ceremony. If there was an official Pro Football Hall of Fame tournament, who would win?

MA: Oh, my goodness. I’m not sure. Maybe Marshall Faulk or Eric Dickerson.

G: Running backs! I guess there aren’t too many kickers in the hall.

MA: That’s true.

G: Where would you put Marcus Allen in that field?

MA: [Laughing] Ascending!

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