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The story of how David Feherty *tried* to interview Tiger in soiled underpants

March 4, 2020

Gary McCord and Peter Kostis have been on what some might call a “revenge tour” since CBS announced they would not be retaining the pair in October. Golf’s chief curmudgeons have significantly dialed up their rhetoric in unemployment, scorching earth on everything from their old network to Patrick Reed’s lie-improvement controversy. While the pair’s no-holds-barred commentary has been a breath of fresh air for golf, their latest story is quite the opposite.

Gary McCord shared a…smelly…anecdote about his former colleague David Feherty when McCord joined Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz on the latest episode of Subpar. The story allegedly dates back almost a decade, with McCord and Feherty working the Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow.

After Feherty soiled his underwear in a joke attempt gone awry, golf on CBS coordinating producer Lance Barrow instructed him to conduct a post-round interview with Tiger Woods. Let’s let McCord tell the rest of the story.

“So Lance goes, ‘David, I want you to stay down there and get an interview from Tiger.’ He stops, slumps his shoulders and walks back to Tiger. Now, the cameraman locks the camera on the three guys. We’ve got Tiger in the middle, we’ve got Stevie (Williams, Tiger’s longtime caddie) over here, who’s at best 1 and 1A (with Feherty) as far as flatulence, and we’ve got (Feherty) over here, microphone in his hands.”

Then, the moment of truth.

“All of a sudden, you see Tiger (sniffing). He turns to Stevie and he goes, ‘you didn’t!’ And Stevie goes, ‘I didn’t do it!’ He turns to David, and as soon as he looks at David, David goes, ‘I s— myself on fifteen.’ Tiger jumped up in the air!”

Feherty’s brutal honesty did little to help the situation. Tiger wanted out of the interview, even if he’d run out of time.

“David goes to put the mic in Tiger’s (face) and (he’s) running—he’s getting away from it. So David’s trying to get the mic, and Tiger’s running that way because the stench is so bad. It was hilarious to watch.”

So there you have it, McCord’s wackiest (and surely smelliest) memory of Feherty, one we’d guess Tiger hasn’t forgotten either.

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