Anthony Anderson Q&A: The actor and game-show host reveals his A-List Hollywood golf posse

Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson is a regular on the celebrity pro-am circuit.

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Anthony Anderson — the former Black-ish star and host of Tell the Truth — picked up golf in his twenties. And, to tell the truth, that’s sort of his handicap these days.

GOLF: What do you like about being out on a golf course?

Anthony Anderson: It’s just a pleasant trip through nature, just a leisurely stroll. It’s my chance to get out and to turn off whatever I’m doing at the time.

How did you get started?

I’ve loved the game since the first time my father-in-law put a club in my hand. It was in San Diego. I was about 21, 22 years old. He was a natural lefty, but he had one right-handed club and asked if I wanted to hit it. I said sure, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve been trying to play the game the best I can for 25 years.

In television and film, there are plenty of takes to get a scene right. In golf, not so much. How annoying is that?

I wish I had some do-overs in golf, but it’s not that way. You just have to go find that ball and hit it again.

What’s your handicap?

The lowest I’ve got it down to is a 10 or 11. My index now is a 15, but because of my work schedule I’m playing more to a 20. But that doesn’t stop me from playing.

Do you have a Hollywood posse you like to tee it up with?

My core group is Don Cheadle, Cedric the Entertainer, George Lopez, D.L. Hughley and Chris Spencer. We go around and play different courses together. We also take a golf trip every year to the DR, with Ray Allen, J.R. Smith and a few other guys who all just love the game.

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Are there great trips you’ve personally taken?

I’ve been to Scotland to play the Old Course and played some great places in Europe. In America, I’ve played some of the great courses on Long Island.

Got a bucket-list destination?

Bandon Dunes.

Let’s say there is an all-Hollywood tournament, where everyone has to play the ball down, strictly by official rules. Who would you consider the favorite?

Sam Jackson and Don Cheadle, and I would put myself in the mix as a wild card. Also Alfonso Ribeiro — a few celebrities who are good sticks.

Is there a pro whose skills you envy?

I’m going to say John Daly. He is about my body type and a good friend of mine. I wish I had his God-given talent as a golfer.

Do you wish you’d taken up the game sooner?

I do, I really do. But everything happens at the right time, and it happened when it was supposed to happen.

Frustrating game?

It’s frustrating for the pros! So, for the amateurs, I guess that’s okay too.

Art Stricklin is an award-winning golf and travel writer based in Dallas, Texas.

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