This new tool makes putting an easier and safer task during COVID-19

an example of the Putts-Up device on a flagstick

A innovate device made by a golf pro in St. Petersburg, FL has made putting in the time of COVID-19 a safer and trouble-free event.

Courtesy Putts-Up

In the age of COVID-19, golf has experienced serious transformations; tournaments are now being held without fans, and players are undergoing serious COVID-19 testing at home and at PGA Tour tournaments. However, for the more casual golfer, a new, unique device could prove to make life on the green easier and safer during the pandemic — and beyond.

Putts-Up is a new creation made by Terry Decker, a golf pro at St. Petersburg Country Club, and Ron Kidwell. The device —two thick, circular disks connected by a metal rod— makes it possible for players to remove their ball from the hole after putting without making contact with the flagstick. Once the ball drops into the hole, the player uses their putter to gently lift and rotate the top portion of the device, which subsequently allows the ball to rise up and roll out onto the green.

The device itself is not attached to the flagstick, ensuring it has no influence on potential ball contact or other interferences. 

According to the Putts-Up website, its creation was in large part born from Decker needing a way to both resume golf activities at his club and adhere to CDC guidelines to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. He and his friend, Kidwell, discussed possible solutions to Decker’s dilemma and created the first model of Putts-Up within a few days.

The product comes fully assembled, and the only setup requires slipping the device over the flagstick before lining up for the putt. You can find a link to purchase one here.

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