Top Golf Shot Tracking Apps and Devices for Improved Performance

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There was a time in the not-so-distant past when we’d mark up our scorecard with fairways and greens hit and note whether we missed our targets to the left or right, long or short. We’d record the number of putts and work on our deficiencies between golf rounds.

Today, golf shot-tracking apps and devices do the work for us. Plus, they help us on the course with GPS data that provides desired distances, areas to avoid, and even green contours so we can sink more putts.

Technology has changed the game of golf in a variety of ways. Golf shot-tracking apps and devices are doing their part to make us all better golfers. It’s like having a trusted caddie at our fingertips. See our recommendations below for the best apps and devices on the market.

Top 8 golf shot tracking apps and devices 

Best set up: Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer
Best for green reading: GolfLogix Game Improvement App
Best social app: Fairgame Golf
Best handheld: Shot Scope H4 GPS
Best in-round experience: Game Golf Smart Caddie
Best for watch wearers: Shot Scope V3 GPA Watch
Best Garmin watch: Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch
Best for club yardages: Arccos Caddie Smart Sensor

How we chose the best apps and devices

To create a shortlist of top apps and devices, we researched manufacturer specifications, including cost, app compatibility, and more. Then, we combed through detailed product descriptions, ratings, and reviews to find the best golf shot-tracking apps and devices for each category.

Best set up: Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer

Best set up: Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer


— Easy step-by-step setup
— Provides valuable data from tee to green
— For golfers of all levels

— The amount of data could get overwhelming and confusing for beginners

The Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer provides an easy step-by-step setup on the butt end of any golf club, and it takes just 90 seconds from start to finish. It yields useful shot data from tee to green, including putting, for golfers of all skill levels.

In addition, there’s an air swing mode that analyzes the swing without a ball being struck and a slow motion video capture mode that allows deep analysis of all aspects of your golf swing through the compatible app.

The Blast Golf Swing & Stroke Analyzer measures various metrics detailed in full on the Blast Golf website. Metrics measured include putting, short game, bunker play, and full swing. The smart video capture feature creates videos and tracks metrics over time to identify trends in your swing. The in-app training centers provide tips and drills from expert coaches that address the issues in your swing.

Features: iOS and Android compatible, 90-second setup time

Best for green reading: GolfLogix Game Improvement App

Best for green reading: GolfLogix Game Improvement App

Free (In App Purchases)

— Stellar golf app experience
— Helps you play smarter and reduce strokes from tee to green
— Tracks shots and recommends clubs based on trending shot distances

— Golfer must enter data to be recorded and analyzed

The GolfLogix game improvement app tracks statistics and shot data and records trends in your game. It also provides information on the course, like GPS, 3D flyovers, detailed green contours, and even available tee times. Use it during your round to gauge the safe spots on the course and learn what areas to avoid.

Enter your shot information either during play or afterward if recorded by hand on a scorecard. Based on where you’re hitting each of your shots, you’ll learn what your tendencies are and will be able to formulate a productive and effective practice plan. Use the special tournament mode to comply with USGA rules and regulations during your next big competition.

Features: Apple Watch compatibility, iOS and Android compatibility, tournament mode for USGA compliance during competition

Best social app: Fairgame Golf

Best social app: Fairgame Golf


— All-in-one golf app experience
— Social platform
— Tracks different forms of play 

— Not an instructional app

The Fairgame app is a social platform geared towards golfers who want to play against other golfers utilizing different forms of play and to remain connected with golfers they met on the app before. Set up a round for a future date and get others to join you, or play a round without advanced setup and record your scores to generate a more accurate handicap. 

Use the app’s handicap feature to play equitably against other golfers, with appropriate scores distributed throughout the group. Keep track of the score, your fairways, greens, putts, and any wagers placed on the round.

Features: Social platform that keeps golfers connected and playing together

Best handheld: Shot Scope H4 GPS

Best handheld: Shot Scope H4 GPS


— Convenient handheld size
— Measures distances to the front, middle, and back of the green
— Measures more than 100 statistics, including strokes gained

— Manual data sync to app required after play

The Shot Scope H4 GPS is a convenient handheld GPS device that measures over 100 useful stats, including strokes gained. The GPS provides distances to the front, middle, and back of the green so you can adequately plan each stroke. You can also use the GPS feature to isolate penalty areas and hazards throughout the 36,000+ golf courses in the Shot Scope library.

It has a 15-hour battery life and doesn’t require your phone to be on during play. Keep stats on your drives, approach shots, short game, and putts to instill more purpose into your practice sessions between rounds. Share news of your good rounds with friends on social media directly from the Shot Scope H4 GPS device.

Features: No subscription necessary, free updates, clip attachment for belt, pocket, or golf bag

Best in-round experience: Game Golf Smart Caddie

Best in-round experience: Game Golf Smart Caddie


— Takes current weather and elevation into consideration in its calculations and recommendations
— Provides actual and plays-like distances
— Data-driven recommendations based on previously played rounds

— Not a stat-tracker

The Game Golf Smart Caddie is the perfect companion to have by your side during every round of golf, whether playing a new course or teeing off on your home layout for the third time this week. It provides GPS yardages to various points on each hole to help you navigate the hazards and give you the confidence to know when to layup and go for the green.

Considering current weather conditions and elevation changes, the Game Golf Smart Caddie offers the most accurate calculations and recommendations with every interaction.

Plus, it provides actual distances, as well as play-like distances, to help you get laser-focused on your target and the task at hand. These auto-generated recommendations are data-driven based on previously played rounds of golf.

Features: App available for iOS and Android

Best for watch wearers: Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch

Best for watch wearers: Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch


— GPS feature helps you navigate your way around the course
— Provides distances to three parts of the green, penalty areas, and hazards
— Over 100 statistics analyzed based on the accumulation of rounds

— 10-hour battery life might not last two rounds

The Shot Scope V3 GPS watch offers GPS features that help you navigate the golf course. Comfortably attached to your wrist, it provides distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, as well as to the front and back of penalty areas and hazards. This device keeps over 100 statistics the golfer can analyze to isolate their deficiencies, making practice sessions more purposeful and effective. 

The Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch has 36,000 golf courses preloaded, so you can navigate almost any layout you choose. It even comes in four flashy colors and can be worn as an everyday watch when you’re not playing golf.

Features: Four color options, 36,000 preloaded courses, measures in yards or meters

Best Garmin watch: Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch

Best Garmin watch: Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch


— GPS data shows you where to hit
— 20-hour battery life in GPS mode
— Readable screen even in intense sunlight

— Expensive device compared to other golf shot trackers and GPS devices

The Garmin Approach S62 GPS watch is a premium GPS and shot tracking device. Conveniently attached to your wrist, there’s no shifting around your pockets, digging through your bag, or clipping on your belt. With 20 hours of battery life, you can play a full day of golf, even if that’s 36 holes or more, and have the confidence that your caddie will be by your side the whole time. 

The green view feature lays out the putting surface for you to give you every advantage with the flat stick. Play-like distances consider elevation changes so you know what club to choose to get you pin-high. You can wear this device as an everyday watch even when golf isn’t on your agenda that day.

Features: Two color options, 41,000 preloaded courses, on- or off- course wear

Best for club yardages: Arccos Caddie Smart Sensor

Best for club yardages: Arccos Caddie Smart Sensor


— Comes with a sensor for every club
— Long-lasting battery
— Shot-tracking helps diagnose deficiencies in your golf game

— Shots occasionally not registered (manual entry needed)

The Arccos Caddie Smart Sensor tracks every shot you take on the course and provides data and shot tracking information that teaches the golfer where they’re lacking (off the tee, approach shots, etc.) and whether they’re regularly short or long, left or right. The golfer can take this information and work on their game to rectify these issues. 

As the rounds build-up, your Arccos Caddie will generate your stock yardages and help you understand where you’re strong and what needs help in your game. It learns your game and will provide shot recommendations the more you play.

Features: Available for iOS and Android devices

Making sense of golf shot tracking apps and devices

Golf shot-tracking apps and devices come in all forms and at different price points. Some are basic, providing GPS service on the course, whereas others record data on each and every shot you take and provide information on your tendencies that help you improve. Some even guarantee golf improvement.

Some golfers prefer to play the game with minimal technology on the course, but it’s hard to argue with the merits and benefits of these tools. Knowing where you’re playing on the course, how far you hit each club, and where you’re likely to hit it based on tendencies has become a staple for many golfers seeking improvement and a high-tech golf round. 

How to pick the right apps and devices for you

With a wide array of price points on our list, it’s important to know your budget and narrow down the field from the start. Then consider what you’re looking for: GPS, shot tracking, etc. Also, consider whether you want it on your phone, hanging from your bag, clipped to your belt, or on your wrist. 


Golf shot-tracking apps and devices could get expensive. Figure out your budget, and you’ll reduce your options. It could be a free app or a $500 watch — what are you looking for in this category?

Ease of use

Most of the devices we’ve highlighted provide easy instructions to set up and put right into play. After all, the last thing you want to do is fiddle around with a watch or your phone when it’s your turn to hit.


Golf shot tracking devices come in watches and handheld devices that clip to your bag or belt. You can download apps on your phone, but do you want to handle your phone during the round? If you go the phone route, find an app that records the round and lets you do what you have to do at the end of the game.


What’s the best golf shot-tracking app?

You can’t go wrong with anything on this list. Blast Golf, Arccos, and GameGolf do a great job of providing overall swing data. The Fairgame app is a social platform geared toward golfers looking for other golfers to join their groups and does a great job of collecting data. It’s not an instructional app, but it does promote rounds and game improvement through added play and enjoyment. 

Which golf app has free shot tracking?

The GolfLogix app lets you enter shot data like fairways and greens hit in regulation and whether you missed left or right.

What’s the best golf shot tracer app for Apple Watch?

The GolfLogix app is compatible with Apple Watch, meaning your phone can be securely in your golf bag, and you can enjoy the convenience of the data you need being right there on your wrist.

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