The 5 best beers to pair with barbecue, according to Pinehurst’s head brewer

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There’s no better companion for finger-lickin’ barbecue than an ice-cold brewski.

Lucky for you, Pinehurst Brewing Company has a rotating selection of house-made suds that are perfect palate partners. Doesn’t matter if you order wings, brisket or ribs: Pair them with a pint of head brewer Hunter Michael Downing’s favorite selections for a post-round meal you’ll tell your friends about.

These five Pinehurst beers (numbers correspond to descriptions below) pair perfectly with barbecue.

Courtesy of Pinehurst

1. 1895 German Lager (5.1% ABV)

Light-bodied with prickly carbonation, the 1895 is described by Downing as a true golf-course beer: “Crafted Bud Light on steroids.” Brewed with a German yeast, it is a perfect post-round selection.

2. Pivot New England IPA (6.5% ABV)

This citrusy, hazy beer has notes of tropical fruit and is the brewery’s most popular pint. “It’s the peoples’ beer,” Downing says. “Pivot has a more pillowy mouth feel and isn’t as abrasive as traditional IPAs in terms of bitterness.”

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3. Golden Age American Blonde (4.7% ABV)

One of the brewery’s flagship selections, this traditional blonde is light-bodied with notes of bread and a touch of tropical fruit.

4. Halfway In-Between Amber Ale (7.3% ABV)

This full-bodied selection has notes of caramel and toffee. Downing says the Halfway In-Between is his favorite beer with ribs and brisket because the beer’s malty sweetness is the perfect complement to the brewery’s barbecue sauce.

5. Breakfast Ball Coffee Stout (6.4% ABV)

Notes of vanilla, chocolate and coffee allow this stout to pair well with barbecue despite being heavier because it doubles as a palate cleanser. “Think salty sweet,” Downing says. “You’re diving into the smokehouse sampler, you have your ribs and brisket overwhelmed with the smoky, salty, vinegary acidity. The Breakfast Ball is the port wine — a good closing beer.

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