Women’s golf tips: 4 easy ways to increase your turn

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A good turn is essential to a good golf swing.

Debbie Doniger

As golfers, we are often told we should “turn” more. But this is easier said than done, since for many, a bigger turn requires increased rotation in your hips and upper back.

More often than not, we fail to realize the way sitting, driving, past injuries, and working out can affect the mobility of our golf swing. And that’s a shame, because a good turn will not only help you get your clubhead on the right path, it will also add power and consistency to your swing.

The good news? There are certain things you can do to ensure you’re maximizing your turn.

debbie posture
Kyphotic posture (left) can inhibit your turn. Notice the difference good posture makes (right). Debbie Doniger

Use a foam roller

If you spend a good portion of your day sitting down, your back may be too rounded (known as kyphotic posture), and using a foam roller to work on your thoracic spine area will help you to address the ball with a “normal” posture.

Narrow your stance

Another easy adjustment to make without changing your swing is to narrow your stance, which will improve rotation immediately. 

Open your stance

Pulling your trail foot behind your lead foot a little, as well as adding foot flare, increases your ability to turn without even thinking about it. 

Debbie doniger drill
Debbie Doniger

Try a drill

Stand with your wedge under the middle of your right foot and swing to the top (see photo on left).

You should feel added pressure on the trail side, on the inside of your trail foot — that means you’re turning! The task is not to allow the club to fall to the ground in the backswing.

Try these simple adjustments in addition to some simple mobility work and you will be able to turn more in no time.

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