Weekend Warmup: This simple drill will wake up your lower body

February 7, 2020

Let’s face it, no one really enjoys sitting behind a desk for hours on end each week. But for some people, it’s necessary to making a living and affording that little addiction called golf. The worst part? All that sitting can have an adverse effect on your golf swing.

When you get to the course after a week’s worth of sitting, it can be difficult to activate your lower body and be in good position to make a solid swing.

In this edition of Weekend Warmup, PGA and LPGA Master Professional Alison Curdt teaches us a great drill to perform in order to shake off those cobwebs and wake up your lower body.

For this drill, you want to set up to the golf ball with your trail leg flexed and somewhat behind your lead leg. Line up the ball with your lead leg and have some flex in your knee as you rotate back and forth.

As you come to your impact position, post into your lead leg. This helps keep pressure in your lead side, reminds you to post into impact and allows your body sequence to be properly timed. Do this several times with mini half-swings and remember to push into the ground as you swing through.

“This is going to wake up my lower body after a week’s worth of sitting,” Curdt says. “It’s going to allow my body to get into better sequence and matches up everything perfectly at impact.”

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