How three Top 100 Teachers started a must-follow account for young coaches

When GOLF Top 100 Teacher Tony Ruggiero started out in golf coaching, he didn’t know where to begin. His training with the PGA of America, along with his time studying under coach Hank Johnson, had helped ground him in the basics of the technical side of the golf swing. But as for starting his own business?

“I was lost,” he says. “I had so many questions about actually getting my business off the ground. I was lucky I had mentors to help, but it’s not always that way.”

Years later, those memories helped Ruggiero drive a new project: An Instagram account called Golf Coach Development, which you can follow right here.

Ruggiero started the account alongside fellow GOLF Top 100 Teachers Justin Parsons and Wayne Flint. As the name implies, it exists to mentor young coaches, and share with teachers of all ages advice on how to run their business.

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By: Luke Kerr-Dineen

“There are so many great coaches out there sharing great technical advice on the golf swing, and I’d encourage any coach to learn more about them,” he says. “We don’t care what you teach. What we’re trying to do with this is answer any questions coaches may have about coaching that they might be afraid to ask.”

Those questions often involve around the nitty gritty of their day-to-day profession: How do I adapt my methods to beginner or junior golfers? How much should I charge for a golf school? How should I communicate with my clients before or after a lesson? What should I do if my student is nervous taking a lesson?

The goal, ultimately, is a simple one: To help coaches get better at coaching, which will help golfers improve at the end of it. For an industry that’s booming with newcomers, it’s a noble cause worth celebrating.

If you’re a young coach, you can check out the account here.

Luke Kerr-Dineen Contributor

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