Swing Study: Breaking down Rickie Fowler’s unmistakable swing

January 29, 2020

Although he stands at just 5’9” and 150 pounds, Rickie Fowler still generates tons of power in his golf swing. He’s averaged over 295 yards off the tee every season since 2014, and he’s turned that into success: the charismatic 31-year-old has cashed in on his ball-striking abilities, winning five times on the PGA Tour, including a 2015 Players Championship victory.

To understand what makes Fowler’s swing so successful, we had GOLF Top 100 Teacher Jonathan Yarwood break it down. Watch the video above or read below for more.

Fowler addresses the ball with both feet flared out, which helps him create resistance with the ground and his legs. With this athletic stance, he’s able to generate tons of torque as he goes from his takeaway to the top of the backswing.

As Fowler begins his takeaway, his upper body turns while the lower body resists, generating torque. He shows great thoracic (between the neck and the abdomen) spine mobility once he reaches the top of the backswing, and resists knee and trail leg extension.

From transition into the downswing Fowler squats toward the ground, a move similar to that of Sam Snead. Fowler’s foot flares as he nears the bottom of his swing, facilitating his strong leg work.

By the time Fowler makes impact with the ball, he creates the “jump” by totally extending his hips while his torso is fully rotated.

Fowler finishes his swing with a nice full turn as his body is rotated completely left of his target, while his left foot rolls out as he finishes his transfer of energy.

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