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Stop hitting shots off the toe with these four easy moves

February 15, 2017

There’s poor contact, and then there’s the toe hit. It kills distance and accuracy like no other miss. The prime cause? Open shoulders at impact. Here’s the fix, in four fast, easy steps.


To confirm that your driving woes stem from catching shots near the toe, spray foot powder on the face of your driver and hit a few shots. Imprints left on the toe side of the centerline mean trouble.


Stick an alignment rod in the ground about a clubhead’s width outside the target line and a foot behind the ball (photo above). Angle the stick so that it matches the lean of your clubshaft when you take your address position.


If your club catches the alignment rod on the way down, your swing is too over the top—and a toe strike is likely. “High” hands at impact (higher than they were at address) and open shoulders can also contribute to toe hits. This may seem like a lot to fix, but step 4 has you covered.


Set up again. This time, focus on swinging under the stick. This simple swing thought shifts the path of your driver out to the right, quieting your shoulders and aligning the sweet spot with the center of the ball at impact. Goodbye, toe hits—hello, pure contact!