Stock your bag with these 3 simple training aids, says Top 100 Teacher

alignment stick on range

An alignment stick is a handy game-improvement tool.

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When it comes to training aids, the options can seem endless. From putting mirrors and lasers to literal body-part attachments, it can de difficult to determine which product would be best for your game.

But according to Top 100 Teacher Tina Tombs, there are three simple items you can keep in your bag that offer myriad game-improvement benefits, regardless of your swing deficiencies.

Alignment sticks

Alignments sticks can do far more than simply help you line up on the range, says Tombs. They’re also a great tool for working on ball position.

“Put them on the ground, and you can use them to hit targets in front of you, to aim the clubface,” Tombs said. “Alignment sticks are key. There are so many ways you can use them: create a gate in front of you or even a start line. I have four on my lesson tee with a student at all times.”

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Ball markers

Use ball markers on the practice green to hone in on your speed, aim and alignment, says Tombs, who likes to place them in different areas and practice rolling putts directly over them.


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You can utilize a yardstick in a similar way to an alignment stick, but Tombs says yardsticks can be particularly functional on the putting green.

“A flat yardstick can help you ensure that your putter face is straight,” she said. “You can also mark your yardstick for different lengths of putt so you can practice the length of stroke you need for various distances. That can help you groove a smoother stroke.”

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