Short on time? These nifty putting aids can help you hone your stroke at home

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Short Game Gains' putting laser and gate, you can easily hone in on the stroke issues that need fixing from the comfort of home.

Every golfer would probably say that improving their putting is a top priority. The problem is, most players simply aren’t able to commit to the time required to make big gains on the green.

That’s why Fredrik Lindblom co-founded Short Game Gains, a practice-aid company devoted to making tools that help golfers improve faster. And with Short Game Gains’ putting laser and putting gate, you can easily hone in on the issues with your putting stroke that need fixing for more efficient putting practice from the comfort of home.

“A lot of players really struggle with aim and start line,” Lindblom says. “And those are two things you can really work on indoors at home.”

When affixed to your putter, the precision putting laser gives you instant feedback on where your clubface is aimed.

When you’re aimed improperly at address, that means you end up compensating in other ways throughout your stroke, opening up a whole host of errors through impact.

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This pre-shot routine will help you find a balanced setup on every shot
By: Zephyr Melton

“If we can minimize that aim bias, we can minimize the manipulations you have to do during the stroke,” Lindblom says.

By lining up the laser with both your clubface and the target, you can ensure your stroke is on track all the way through.

By practicing with this setup at home, Lindblom says, you’re making sure that your aim and start line is neutral, which will ultimately result in a more consistent putting stroke and, ideally, better putting overall.

“We all get bored after a few minutes putting on that indoor putting mat,” Lindblom says. “This gives you a challenge and also makes sure that your fundamentals improve while you’re having fun.”

Ready to perfect your stroke at home? Click the link below to order your putting improvement kit today.

Precision Putting Laser

 Precision Putting Laser Think of yourself as a Sniper, and your putter is the  badass modified rifle that helps you lock on to your target. Our Precision Putting Laser goes on top of your weapon (the putter) and shows you EXACTLY how to perfect your aim, so you can feel more confident pulling that trigger. As we already know, 97% of players suck at aiming (see: Accurate Aim Kit) and if your aim is poor, you’ll have to make adjustments throughout the stroke to get the putter face aimed down the correct line in time for impact. This leads to inconsistencies and missed putts. The PPL comes with a tripod as well, which allows you to create a sort of “chalk line”- but this chalk line won’t ruin your hardwood floors. Click the Laser onto the tripod, align it with your target, and you have a clear visual of the line you’re trying to hit. *This laser is designed for indoor use, and is not visible in bright outdoor light*
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All Terrain Putting Gate

All Terrain Putting Gate No more excuses- our All Terrain Putting Gates are built for indoor AND outdoor practice… which means rain or shine, you can get to work on your putting. The All Terrain Gate comes with detachable feet, so that you can place them on whatever flat surface your heart desires. If you’re outdoors, just pop the feet off and secure the Gate into the putting green. The included string will also help you measure 14 inches from the gate. From here, you must be within 1° of accuracy to roll it through the Gate- which means you can measure your performance over time in a tangible way. Count how many out of 10 you can roll through the gate, and keep track to watch your skills improve. Of the Pros we tested, all averaged 8 out of 10. Good luck!
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