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‘It’s sexy’: Phil explains how to hit one of his coolest chip shots

February 27, 2019

If there’s any player on Tour who knows his way around a green, it’s Phil Mickelson. Lefty is known as having one of the world’s best short games, and — lucky us! — he’s using his week off to not only work on his game, but also give his Twitter followers some instruction advice, too. So if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to hit a Phil Mickelson chip shot, here’s your chance!

On Wednesday, Mickelson published a video explaining how a hit a low, spinning check shot — a shot he deems “a low-percentage play, but a sexy play.”

Here’s how to do it, according to Phil:

Mickelson recommends playing the ball off your back foot to help you bring the club down more steeply so you can “shoot” the ball toward the hole.

To add the sexy check and spin, Mickelson says you need to open the clubface with your hands forward, put your weight forward in your stance, and bring the clubhead in steep and fast to the ball. Try to hold the angle of the clubface all the way through impact without letting your wrists rotate through.

Got that? Okay, good. Just remember, it’s a shot that generally looks better than it functions. “Not a high-percentage play,” Mickelson reiterates at the video’s close. “But it’s sexy.”

You can watch Mickelson’s full tip below.