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Phil Mickelson: This is one of the biggest mistakes golfers make when chipping

December 21, 2018

After taking a brief break from social media, presumably to bathe in the glory of his $9 million winnings from The Match, Phil Mickelson is back sharing his “fundamentals” for the short game.

As you’ll hear him say in the video below, Phil says that the first fundamental for the short game is to keep your weight forward and on your front foot throughout your shot. Simple enough. The second his equally simple: decide whether you want to hit the shot high or low.

As Phil says, nothing really changes about the actual setup or motion of the swing. The weight is still forward, but if you want to go low, you simply move the ball back in your stance. You can see Phil hitting a low shot below.

And if you want to go high, simply move the ball up in your stance and make the same motion.

Committing whether you’re going to high or low is an important fundamental because it’s the middle ground — when you’re playing the ball in the center of your stance — where the trouble lies.

Watch Phil’s full tip below.

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