This was our most-read chipping tip of 2020

Sometimes the best tips in golf are the simplest. That certainly seems to be the case when looking at our most popular chipping tip of 2020. Training aids and lessons are all well and good, but sometimes golf just needs to be boiled down to the most basic parts, and our story from January on a simple chipping drill did just that.

The blog gave us a simple drill to fix your chipping woes — specifically blading chips — and all it required was a few quarters. The key to eliminating bladed chips, the article explained, is keeping your leading edge down through the shot. If you can hit down on a quarter properly, you can surely do it with a ball when you get to the course.

PGA Teaching Professional Erika Larkin’s easy fix was a popular one especially since it could be done in the comfort of your home. There was no need to leave the confines and safety of your abode and you could improve your game — sounds like a pretty sweet deal. You can read the entire blog here, and check out below for a summary of the exercise.

1. Place a quarter on the ground
2. Drop your bucket a couple of feet away
3. Set up your lead edge
4. Start swinging


Zephyr Melton Editor

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